Discreet and stylish, Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen is the sex toy you never thought you needed until now


By Lizzy Bliss reporter

Lily Allen is known for her outspoken views on female sexuality and makes use of any platform she can to promote a more open and sex-positive society.

Which is why she spent several months working on creating a new sex toy (based on one of her favourites) with the German-owned brand Womanizer.

The Womanizer Liberty By Lily Allen.

Okay, full disclosure we might be a little biased because we may have used the Lily Allen sex toy about twelve times in the last 24 hours. And let us tell you it’s not your average vibrator.

Allen joined the German company as their Chief Liberation Officer, leading at the front with her #IMasturbate campaign to raise awareness for female masturbation and sex-positivity.

The Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen is unique and can’t really be called a vibrator. In fact, the buzzword for this kind of vibrator is a “clit sucker” or “clitoral sucker” which is known to create an altogether different and new sensation derived from a sex toy.

If we’re honest, the Liberty feels like that sensation when you’re receiving oral sex but without touching your clitoris thanks to the proprietary Pleasure Air Technology.

The toy uses air vibrations or “pulses” which massages and sucks your clitoris to create a delightful sensation.

For me, it felt like my first orgasm when I used it the first time because of the “new” sensation it gave me which strangely took me way back.

But since then every orgasm has been different. It has six different speeds so that you can adjust it to the best pace for you.

Clitoral sucking vibrators are having a bit of a moment worldwide and is getting more mentions and airtime than when the Rabbit Vibrator aired on Sex & The City.

And trust me, if that show was still running you can be damn sure the Womanizer would have made a cameo appearance.

The Womanizer isn’t the only “air vibrator” on the market; some combine the air tech with am internal vibrator for external and internal stimulation.

The common feature is the hollow aperture which creates a vacuum when placed around the clitoris to create the coveted suction effect.

However, a testament to their pro “female liberation” Womanizer has gone as far as creating a special interchangeable fitting especially for women with a larger clitoris or for post-birth users.

The toy is small, stylish with bold colour schemes and a discreet design. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, your first guess won’t be “orgasm-inducing sex toy”.

It also easily fits into a handbag so no more pesky security stops at the airport, unlike that twelve-inch vibrating rabbit which could be harder to hide from security.

I tend to be sceptical of celebrity-endorsed products, but I am thoroughly impressed after testing the Lily Allen Liberty.

You can use it in so many different ways thanks to the variant speeds, so you can hammer out that orgasm or prolong it as much as you like. Multiple orgasms are more manageable, and if you get sensitive down there, you can just “turn down the volume”.

But what I found really magic was when you position the Liberty at an angle and just hold it in place. You can pull it up or down in small motions if you like but keep the pressure, so you don’t lose that beautiful suction!

Lily Allen’s collaboration with the German sex toy company followed after she gave them a shout-out in her 2018 memoirs “My Thoughts Exactly” which went on to become a bestseller.

Allen said she really started exploring sex toys in earnest when on tour with her third album Sheezus after which she wrote: “and since you ask if I had to pick one vibrator above all others, I recommend the Womanizer.”

No doubt the German company reached out to Lily soon after that statement went public.

In tandem with the new sex toy release, Allen launched her #IMasturbate campaign tackling the stigma around masturbation, specifically for women.

Announcing her collaboration on her Instagram page, she wrote: “Women shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexuality, and we all deserve to own our pleasure. Hopefully this little toy will help you do that!”

And later in a press release: “The only way to make taboo subjects no longer taboo is to speak about them openly, frequently and without shame or guilt,”

As a progressive woman myself, I appreciate the altar of sex-positivity above all else, and I love the message Lily is bringing to the world. The orgasms aren’t bad either.

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