Tweeps share their thoughts on ‘butter tea’


By Lutho Pasiya Time of article publishedJan 18, 2021

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When it comes to odd food combinations, the internet does not have a shortage of dishes that can make some go “ew,” in disgust while some say “oh,” in wonder and curiosity.

A weird combination that has recently caught the attention of Twitter users has been making rounds this week – a video that shows an individual making “butter tea”.

The recording may leave you with thoughts, too.

Twitter user @tabrezdont shared the post with a caption reading, “Delhi, are you fucking ok?

The video opens with a shot of an individual cutting a brick of butter.

The pieces fall into a pot wherein tea is brewing.

Once the butter sticks have dissolved into the drink, the individual pours it in a dish through a sieve.

Are you left feeling too many emotions after having seen that video? If so, then know you are not alone.

Since being shared, the video clip has received over 90 000 views.

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about it.

But it really isn’t a new phenomenon. Butter has found its way into coffee cups in recent years. In an interview with health expert Maria Ascencao about whether people should be drinking butter in their coffee, she said this combination was not considered a good source of certain nutrients, as it contained a high amount of saturated fats.

“Although I am a fan of US health expert Dave Asprey’s “Bulletproof” coffee which is a type of pesticide-free coffee, a liquid high in MCTs and grass-fed, unsalted butter, not all of us have access to this special, organic blend.

“The DIY version of this coffee, butter coffee, may contain small amounts of calcium, vitamins K, E, and B vitamins but it is not considered a good source of these nutrients, and it contains a high amount of saturated fats which studies have found may be linked to increased risk of heart disease and stroke.”

Ascencao said although many people claimed butter coffee provided lasting energy without the blood sugar crash, boosted mental clarity and supported fat loss, it has not been clinically proven and she recommended consulting with a healthcare professional first.


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