Can I use my smartphone at school?

It is not easy to choose a phone for a first grader, as well as a smartphone for a high school student. On the eve of the new school year, we will tell you what to focus on when buying a device, depending on the age of the child and which models you might be interested in.


  • Can I use my smartphone at school?
  • What to focus on when choosing a phone for a student?
  • Palm size and body strength
  • Battery capacity
  • Operation speed and memory size
  • Camera availability and quality
  • Price
  • Phone for a first grader (6-7 years old)
  • Smartphones at a low price with compact dimensions
  • Shockproof gadgets up to RUB 10,000
  • Smartphone for a child of primary grades 8-10 years old
  • Phone for a teenager
  • Smartphones for middle classes (11-13 years old)
  • Phones for high school students 14-16 years old
  • findings

Can I use my smartphone at school?


Last year, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosobrnadzor and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation recommended that schools refuse or restrict the use of mobile phones by students during lessons.


According to the recommendations, the region, the municipality or the school can impose a complete ban on gadgets during lessons (except for those through which the child controls health, for example, the sugar level) – in this case, they will be deposited, leaving only the teacher on duty. or – phones are switched to silent mode and put into briefcases until the end of the lesson.


At the end of 2019, according to the Minister of Education Olga Vasilyeva, every fourth school in Russia applied restrictions to one degree or another. Such data emphasizes that the recommendations are not binding. Whether your school adheres to them and in what form – you need to find out personally.


But even if it is impossible to use a mobile phone during lessons at your school, it will come in handy for a child before and after lessons and in primary grades, and in circles, and in any sections. And in middle and high school, the telephone for many children becomes another important means of communication.


For junior and middle school students, there is a great alternative – a smartwatch with GPS. The gadget performs all the functions of a phone (you can call or send a voice message to it), does not interfere with the child’s concentration and is almost impossible to lose. Together with the correct application, through the children’s watch, you can track the location of the child and listen to the sound around. The official online store is now running promotions that will allow you to save! Moreover, the application tracker License ” Where are my children ” will get you a gift.


What to focus on when choosing a phone for a student?

kids with cell phones

Choosing a new phone is not easy even for an adult, but we are talking about a gadget for a child. In high school, children often dream of a specific model, which means you will understand what to strive for, both in terms of performance and design (even if there is no money for the “same” phone). But what to buy for a child who has never had a personal phone? Let’s define the main selection criteria.


Palm size and body strength

Manufacturers now offer a variety of large-screen phones. If such models are suitable for high school students, then it will be inconvenient for a first grader to hold such a large gadget in one hand, which means that the risk of breaking a smartphone will increase. So if you wanted to give your child your outdated phone and buy a new one for yourself, check if it will fit securely in the student’s hand.


By the way, in addition to the size of the phone’s screen, it also has a resolution, which determines the picture quality.


Children are different: some are neat, others always fall out of hand. If the second is about your student – pay attention to the strength of the phone case. There is one more thing: if the phone is positioned as unkillable or unsinkable, and the child has a high craving for experiments, he will try to break the smartphone.


Take a close look at products with extra strong cases. And for inexpensive models that are unlikely to pass a strength test, buy a protective case.


I have two boys 4 years apart. Up to 10 years old I used to buy reliable push-button phones for children, which are difficult to break. But soon, of course, we will switch to touchscreen smartphones that are important for the life of high school students with the ability to comfortably communicate on the Internet and quickly search for the necessary information,


Mother Tatiana, 37 years old.


Older children should take a device with at least 4 GB. Take care not only of RAM, but also of sufficient GB space for storing information. The applications weigh a lot, and if the phone does not have a lot of internal memory, then you need to think about an additional memory card (there must be a special slot for it on the smartphone). The card is especially relevant if your child loves to take pictures or shoot videos. Note that it is not always possible to use it for hosting applications.


It is important for the youngest daughter to have a good camera for photos and fast Internet. The eldest son chooses models from the age of 15. Looks for reviews on the Internet and offers me ready-made solutions. Therefore, there are no problems with the choice,

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