Cheap laptop recommender

Cheap laptop recommender

We’re approached a lot of blog management assignments these days. This means a lot of writing, which certainly requires a good work tool. In addition to the home office, we work in a common area for a few days a week, so I have to move the machine many times. Today’s topic: As a novice copywriter, what kind of cheap laptop can be a good investment?

With today’s brutal demand for internet content, many are choosing to try copywriting as a supplement to earnings. You’ll often find Facebook ads looking for content producers for link parks or similar low-standard sites, so even the starting ladder isn’t at an unreachable height. One of the first things you may need is a cheap laptop to keep you mobile enough.


source research for content, which involves a lot of article reading and video watching
I create the texts on this in the Google Docs interface
I administer and correspond in connection with the letters being prepared / completed
I check statistics and aggregate data using web applications.
As a novice copywriter, you can exclude the last activity, but you can see that because of the first point, you really need a dose of performance to work effectively. Since researching and writing specific text is a time consuming process, I don’t really recommend that you share the machine with someone.

As a question, also ask yourself how much mobility is needed in your life. As a rushing student, bus driver, or bored porter, salesperson, it doesn’t hurt to have a portable workstation for the purpose with a regular battery (you probably have one). As a mom connected to a family home, however, a regular desktop and a desk may also be a good choice.



The average length of the articles I write is 3000 characters (without spaces). At best, I make four of them, plus at least a piece of text is spent on letters, task coordination, and administration as well.

Because of two factors, it is very important to choose a machine with a good keyboard:

Ergonomics: if you take the subject more seriously and want to make a living from it, your hand joints can fall apart very quickly from the force. What matters is the nature of the keystrokes, the size of the keyboard, the layout, and the position itself in which you can type.
Efficiency: How much annoyance can rewritten text, correct misrepresentations, or time-consuming typesetting? I use the Home, End, and Navigation keys a lot. If these aren’t in the right place on the machine I’m currently using, I’m simply dying.
cheap laptop keyboard
Left: Not all laptops are good for this job (there is no “í” matching button). Right: such a layout is worth its weight in gold when editing text.


You don’t necessarily have to think in a typewriter to write a text, but you will need a smooth browsing experience when researching before writing a text. Normal charging time is required and 4-5 sheets of smooth, fast operation. This obviously also depends on the speed of your net.

Personally what I suggest:

minimum 4 gigabytes of RAM
at least a dual-core, mid-range processor from around 2010
any SSD
If you need a cheap laptop with good performance, then I suggest you look for refurbished business machines marketed within the company. I use one too!


Operating System

There is also a rather subjective part to the debate over operating systems, which I will spare you now.

Although most users are only familiar with Windows systems, I tend to recommend Linux Mint or Xubuntu Linux for text writing. They are user-friendly, constantly updated, stable and most importantly: they take up relatively few resources from the machine by default, and their graphical interface is damn good for multitasking.

Although Windows 10 is already showing some progress in this area, it still can’t handle multiple layers of windows. Imagine the situation: you take notes from six hundred million places and you have to click on the notebook each time because it doesn’t fit in the browser mellett Under Linux you can easily set it to stay in the foreground, but for Windows you will need a separate program.

An additional concern is hyste upgrades, slower response times with lower performance, plus resource requirements due to the antivirus.



Unfortunately, most laptops today are terribly overwhelmed by the touchpad, making it unusable. The old-fashioned solution that worked for me:

smaller surface area
two fixed, separate buttons under the touchpad
fixed, non-printable surface
one-finger use (multitouch off in the first second)
right side used as a scroll bar
With such a touchpad with fixed elements, I can work quickly even on a shaky journey, writhing in a tight seat. This is my problem with today’s touchpads:

most feel bad when moving, but are forced to touch with several fingers (sales vs UX designer)
the buttons are not separated
the whole surface can be pressed, which makes it inaccurate (especially while traveling)
it is often enough to tap instead of pressing the buttons, which saves your hand, but is more inconvenient to work with due to the lack of mechanical feedback

Hard disk, data storage, internet
Cheap laptop here or there, I would definitely recommend buying an SSD. Nowadays, you can get correct types for as little as 10 thousand forints.

When it comes to copywriting, I work 99 percent on Google Drive. Nowadays, I store more important material on my laptop for up to a few hours: only if I don’t have mobilnet. I don’t really believe in local storage anymore: laptops are vulnerable, they can steal them, plus I don’t really trust storage devices anymore.


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