Choosing a budget tablet, But How?

Choosing a budget tablet


Illustration for the article on choosing a tablet How Do I Pick a Good Low Cost Tablet? What to look for, what characteristics and functions are important, and what can you refuse? Or is it better to buy a smartphone with a large diagonal (phablet)? Which manufacturer makes the best budget tablets? Can you buy cheap and high quality Chinese tablets?


The article contains answers to these and other questions about choosing tablets, and at its end – the recommended models of the best budget tablets of 2018


Accessible sensory world


Touch screen tablet Tablet computers, which are usually called simply tablets, due to their compactness, multifunctionality and ease of operation, have actively invaded our lives and continue to gain more and more fans. With the advent of more or less high-quality budget tablets at the end of 2012, there are even more people who want to buy them. Currently, prices for the most inexpensive tablets start at a ridiculous $ 50. (and this is the price for a device with a capacitive screen and pretty good characteristics!), so many potential buyers think that it would be nice for themselves or their children to buy some kind of inexpensive tablet, but they doubt whether it will be for little money work fine. Chinese and Sino-domestic tablets from various manufacturers are especially tempting with their low price.


It is worth noting that almost all budget tablets run the Android operating system. And although the quality of Apple technology, the world leader in this area, is really high, the prices for their tablets are several times higher and most potential buyers are not ready to pay from 280 USD. for the most inexpensive version of the small iPad Mini, because at the same price you can already buy an inexpensive laptop… An additional advantage of Android was that up to version 4.1 inclusive there was normal support for Adobe Flash and most of the sites created with the help of this technology (online cinemas, online flash games, etc.) worked correctly, and Apple tablets were initially deprived such an opportunity. But at the present time, when Android 4.4 and higher are dominant, the relative support for Adobe Flash has remained only at the level of the capabilities of individual browsers.


Should you choose an inexpensive tablet or a netbook / laptop / computer?


Budget tablets have both advantages and disadvantages, but the short conclusion is that if you need an inexpensive, multifunctional and easy-to-use “toy” on which you can read books or school textbooks in class, play not very heavy games, watch movies or just surfing the Internet – then an inexpensive tablet will be enough for these purposes. Most tablets do not die from physical wear and tear or obsolescence, but from falls, torn connectors, crushed screens and are often unprofitable to repair, but given the price of budget tablets, it is not a pity to give them to children as a replacement for many toys, but annually buy much better quality , but at the same time much more expensive iPads and Samsung-and not everyone will pull.


If you want to work fully (type texts, work with large amounts of data, and so on), then in this case a laptop / netbook or a high-quality budget laptop is best suited , a tablet in most cases is not suitable for serious work, except perhaps for freight forwarders. Naturally, for heavy, powerful games, you need a gaming personal computer  with a powerful video card , since the quality of 3D graphics even on the best tablets is still far from that of a computer, besides, the limited screen size and features of the touch interface do not allow you to fully play many types of classic types games.

How to choose an inexpensive tablet without overpaying for unnecessary features, we will consider further.


Tablet screen diagonal


Tablet diagonal The diagonal of the screen is the main thing that visually distinguishes one tablet from another, moreover, there are already several standards for resolutions and screen proportions, and it is not known how many will appear. The most inexpensive budget tablets have a 7-inch widescreen display – small size and weight allow you to take it with you almost anywhere, although it is still much more convenient to have one more or less high-quality large 5.5-inch smartphone or a phablet (smartphone with a diagonal of 5.5 up to 6.8 inches) than two cheap small devices – a tablet and a smartphone. Tablets with a diagonal of 8-9 inches are more convenient to use, but tablets with a diagonal of 9.7-10.2 inches are still the most comfortable. Tablets with an aspect ratio of 16:


If you do not plan to constantly carry your tablet everywhere with you, then it is preferable to choose a larger tablet, since many small details will be difficult to use on a small diagonal, besides, the resolution of larger tablets is usually higher and therefore the image will be of higher quality and more detailed. This is especially important if you intend to use the tablet mainly for reading or for educational purposes (as a replacement for a school textbook).


Matrix type, sensor and tablet screen resolution


Tablet Matrix Type (IPS)In the production of tablet screens, IPS and TN technologies are usually used. The first, IPS, is of higher quality (more juicy image, good viewing angles), but also more expensive. The second, TN, is much cheaper, but the quality of screens based on this technology can be very different, and some samples are practically not inferior to IPS – they have excellent viewing angles and a high-quality image. Due to the variety of manufacturers of budget tablets, who sometimes do not hesitate to praise themselves a little and call gray white

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