Compaq Presario CQ56: 1.5 times better than a netbook? 

Compaq Presario CQ56: 1.5 times better than a netbook?

It is very interesting to read (և write) reviews with unique design of premium laptops և with modern equipment, but when it comes to real shopping, most users prefer something much more mundane, preferably no more than $ 500.

  • Compaq Presario CQ56
  • Low price; lack of shiny design elements; touchpad area:
  • Minimum amount of RAM; set of connectors; no card reader; Contradictory layout


The mid-range 15.6-inch laptop we’re reviewing today is one of those budget deals. Removing everything unnecessary from the presented configuration, the manufacturer increased its price to a pleasant figure of $ 470, and the most affordable configuration of this model generally costs less than $ 400.


Indeed, if you need a typewriter to work with text, why pay extra for functions that simply will not be used? Yes, 10-inch netbooks are even cheaper (about one and a half times), but if you are going to use the device mainly on the desktop, then in terms of ergonomics, a 15.6-inch screen և full keyboard will be much more preferable (the same one and a half times).



The notebook is made exclusively in this color, which is operated only by the hinges of the metal-cut display on the outside and inside. In the middle of the lid, made of frosted plastic, there is a corporate logo of the Compaq family, which is put in silver paint.


Despite the fact that the cover uses a very practical material, its surface is unexpectedly quickly covered with traces of wet hands, although they can be viewed only from a certain angle, it is not yet shiny.


The worktop features a geometric pattern, which is perhaps the only touch of this model’s design. This woven surface “looks good” and feels good under the wrists. In general, the developers of Compaq Presario CQ56 found that they created what is called a neutral style. It has neither the deliberate angularity of business models, nor the extreme roundness of some fashion solutions, nor the gloss that is so popular with almost all manufacturers.



The keyboard unit is located in a small gap , which also has a speaker system … Unlike some budget models that have a single speaker, Compaq Presario CQ56 honest stereo acoustics from two common speakers.


The keyboard is made according to the classic scheme, not in the form of trendy “islands”, which should satisfy conservative users. The keys are big enough, have a nice firm grip, the substrate almost does not tilt when typing. Indicators integrated in direct keys look great with wireless adapters և CapsLock functionality.


At the same time, this block has its drawbacks. First of all, when actively typing, the buttons are noticeably “shake”, the noise is not louder than a normal desktop keyboard, but in laptops they usually put a quieter keyboard. Second, the marking is not done in the best way, it is monochromatic, and the Cyrillic alphabet, which is very useful for most users, is too superficial և placed in the corner of the key.


However, the most controversial element is the farthest column, which contains five auxiliary keys for calling selected programs, such as a counter or mail client … Normally, the appearance of any additional elements can only be welcomed, but in this case they are by no means separated by characters. more than block, occupy the proper place for the Control, Shift service keys. As a result, you will have to re-learn familiar shortcuts using these keys, which will not suit everyone.


The touch screen size and size are reminiscent of the Synaptics ClickPad, it even uses a built-in button in the upper right corner, but the presence of a hardware rock key indicates that they are not identical solutions. Suits this block is not found large touchpad , fingers easily slide on it, the mouse will need only the most loyal followers of the desktop style.



In that sense, it is difficult to expect a good deal less than $ 500. Compaq Presario CQ65 could not surprise or disappoint us. Not the most powerful dual-core processor from AMD, integrated video և only 2 GB of RAM will provide only “random” performance. In general, there are about a dozen variations of this model in the domestic market, which cost from $ 400 to $ 520, based on the logic of Intel և AMD.


Connector integrity is minimal, no HDMI, eSATA or even card reader. Of course, there is no trading OS here either, you will have to install a more convenient option and look for drivers yourself.


The launch of the laptop revealed a number of complaints about the quality of design and construction. Կան There are some noticeable gaps in the base և work panel և the plastic is more flexible under the left wrist than under the right. Even the slightest impact on the cover results in layers on the screen whose image quality, according to the five-point system, may require only “three”. Only long-term operation will show how this will affect reliability. The cooling system is traditionally quiet in the office mode, but at the time of switching on և under a long load, it causes quite noticeable noise from the fans.


Cheap laptops are sold in huge quantities for one simple reason. They cost no more than a desktop computer with similar performance, but you can take them with you. That’s why in the office, large desktop boxes are being replaced not by thinner customers, but by more affordable laptops. Home users who do not need high performance are also increasingly preferring such devices as they are powerful enough to do most of the usual tasks. This time we tested not only cheap, but also high-budget Compaq Presario CQ56 laptops – retail offers from $ 450, և it is already equivalent to the price of netbooks.

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