Game Notebooks up to 100,000 rubles. Laptop for video work

Game Notebooks up to 100,000 rubles. Laptop for video work

These are working horses that allow you to work on the road, in the garden, at home, on electricity. But if you need a gaming laptop, which means a full-screen resolution, the ability to play comfortably in high FPS, AAA games, at least in the middle of the graphics settings. you will have to pay quite a lot. Given the huge financial losses you can expect when buying a gaming laptop, we strongly recommend that you study all the offers “along and across”, as well as take advantage of customer reviews, reputable media reviews, and their own experience using gaming laptops. Let’s find out how to choose a nice laptop with low prices.


Minimum requirements for gaming laptops

It’s no secret that in the whole variety of numbers and figures Specifications Notebooks play a more important role, some less important. To spend the least and get the most, it is worth understanding what the minimum requirements are for a modern gaming laptop.


Video card: The main component of the computer’s internal device, which is directly responsible for the quality of gaming . It should be preferable laptop with graphics adapter at least Geforce 1050/1060 or Radeon R9. (at least M290x): Of course, you can save and pay attention to middle-class maps, but in this case you should be satisfied with medium / low graphics and low FPS.


The best gaming laptops up to 30,000-4,000 rubles

Are you looking for the most budget model with non-governmental capabilities? Even at a price of up to 300,000-40000 rubles, it is quite possible to buy a good mobile computer that will allow you to play the games of 2019. However, to sacrifice something in any way. Somewhere there will be an outdated matrix, somewhere there will be a lack of brightness, somewhere there will be a weak low battery.


This laptop is basically a pleasure that you can choose one of many modifications with personal requirements. For 30,000 rubles you can “assemble” the device with a Fullhd screen, 4 GB Random access memory (Add a few thousand rubles, and you will have 8 GB), Intel HD 620 video card and that is the main process of the I5-7200U.


Branded technology allows two processing streams for physical cores, which increases the computing potential of the processor. Of course, the laptop supports USB3.0 – a much faster interface than USB2.0.

The Extensa lags behind its competitor (above) in terms of video card power, but the 2 Tubs have immediate internal memory . In addition, there is a new generation processor.


The average cost is 25,590 rubles.

  • Quality collection
  • Fullhd screen
  • Update availability
  • Large selection of changes
  • Color reproduction and contrast
  • Ergonomics keyboard
  • Not the best TouchPad

In the first place of gaming laptops up to 30,000 rubles, calculated for the Acer Aspire E 15. The model that has gained impossible popularity in the digital technology market. Produced in many modifications with completely different specifications. Consider the assembly of 3243 (NX.GVCEU.002), which in our time can still be found for sale, and which fits in the price of 30,000 – 35,000 rubles.


The Intel Core I3-6006U processor is hard to call a game, and it does not boast (2 GHz). However, the model has a great Fullhd screen, 1TB HDD, 2-Gig Geforce 940mx video card, which is very good. However, the main trump card of the device is its reliability, which has been tested by hundreds of thousands of Russians (more than 100,000 reviews on


The average cost is 29,390 rubles.

  • Good configuration price
  • Flashlight:
  • Existence of M.2 hole
  • It ‘s not too hot
  • Light battery
  • TN-Matrix
  • Noisy HDD:

The best game for laptops up to 50,000-60,000 rubles

Preliminary player section. Its main advantage is the best value for the price and performance of laptops, which you would not say about the higher price categories. For 50000-60000 rubles you get a relatively powerful mobile device Ideal, with Geforce 1050 adapter, I5 main processor and 8 GB of RAM. These are more functional machines than every second average family laptop.


The manufacturer releases several lines of gaming laptops. GT – Top Class, GS – Extreme Productivity, for GE – Entriasts, while GP and GP are included in the entry-level Gamer and GP. However, the GL63 8RC is better than a cheap gaming laptop.


Unlike the competing I5-7300HQ Chip (HP booth), this model received the I5-8300 H processor. This CPU is capable of processing up to eight streams simultaneously, thus increasing performance by 30% -40%.

As for the strength of the video card, the shadow of the Middle-earth war in the middle settings we get 46 FPS, in Assassins Creed Origins, in 39, in the 5th shout.

Overshadows perform well because the laptop is not the best display. Low dim brightness, same contrast, poor color reproduction, insufficient black and gray depth – MSI still has to work closely on this plan.


The average cost is 54,390 rubles .

  • The best processor for their money
  • Slot M.2 – PCI-E Gen 3
  • Nice look (Ballet keyboard)
  • High frequency of RAM (2400 MHz)
  • Poor display
  • Mention the case of the material
  • Quick discharge

Excellent model, which is supplied to the market in 3 different colors: white, gray and black. Note Gaming device Built-in geforce video card 1050 2GB video memory.

Power Laptop has a powerful 4-core CPU I5-7300HQ with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, and it is possible to disperse it at a frequency of 3.5 GHz. 8-Gig RAM operates at a speed of 2133 MHz, and the maximum rotation speed of the Spindle HDD is 7200 RPM. Thus, not all components of a component have their potential converted from a built-in graphics adapter, and therefore nothing will prevent it from opening.

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