How To Buy cheap laptop which is finished

How To Buy cheap laptop which is finished

Buying a “finished” laptop from a store usually upset you. Not all of the features you want are usually available, they can be expensive. Not to mention n


How to assemble a laptop?



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Buying a “finished” laptop from a store usually upset you. Not all of the features you want are usually available, they can be expensive. Not to mention all the pre-installed software. You can forget about it if you make a little effort. Building a laptop yourself is difficult, but useful. Follow this guide to learn how.

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Part 3 Finding spare parts

Determine the main purpose of the laptop. Of course, laptops for entering and checking e-mail will have very different standard characteristics from gaming laptops. Battery life is also an important consideration. If you travel a lot, you will want a laptop that does not consume much power.




Choose a processor that suits your needs. The range of laptops you buy depends on the processor you want to install, so choose a processor first. Compare processor models to determine which processor offers the best speed compared to cooling և power consumption. Most retailers on the Internet have the ability to compare processors.


Make sure you are buying a laptop processor, not a desktop processor.

There are two major processor manufacturers: Intel և AMD. There are many arguments for each brand, but in general the dram is cheaper. Do as much research as possible on the processor model you are interested in to be sure.

Choose a laptop frame. The frame of the notebook will decide which parts you can use for the rest of the notebook. The chassis for the laptop is equipped with a motherboard that will determine the memory memory that can be used.

Consider the size of the keyboard screen. Because the templates are not very customizable, you can stick to the screen of your choice with the և keyboard. The bigger the laptop, the harder it will be to carry, the heavier it will be.

Finding frames for sale can be difficult. Enter “barebones notebook” or “Whitebook shell” for your favorite browser to browse retailers. MSI is one of the few manufacturers that still makes laptop frames.


Buy memory. Laptops need memory to work, and memory size is different from desktops. Look for the SO-DIMM memory that fits within the motherboard. Faster memory will provide better performance, but may result in a shorter battery life.


Look for 2-4 GB of memory for optimal daily activities.


Choose a hard drive. Laptops typically use 2.5 “drives instead of 3.5” desktop sizes. You can choose between a standard 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM or a solid state drive with no moving parts. Solid state drives are generally faster, but they are more difficult to use for long periods of time.

Buy a hard drive with enough space to do what you want with your computer. Most frames do not fit on more than one disk, so it is difficult to upgrade. Make sure there is enough space on the hard drive after installing the operating system (usually in the range of 15-20 GB).


Decide if you need a special graphics card. Not all frames will be compatible with dedicated laptop graphics cards. Otherwise, the graphic work will be done in the motherboard. If you can place a custom card, decide if you need one. Most gamers իկական need graphic designers for graphic designers.

  • Look for an optical disc. This is an optional step as you can install the operating system from a USB drive նել download most of the software.
  • Most of the frame is accompanied by a disk. Not all laptop drivers are suitable for all frames, so make sure they are suitable for the frame you choose.
  • Deciding to buy an optical disc is actually easy. Think about whether you use it often. Note that you can use an external USB drive instead of an internal optical drive.


Select the battery. You need to select the right battery և with the appropriate connector (laptop batteries have several pins. The battery has an IC, և the IC will provide information about the temperature of the computer, if the battery is damaged; If the laptop you are likely to wear a lot, choose a long-lasting battery. You may need to compare several batteries to decide which one is best for you.


Buy a battery with good reviews. Read user experience reviews.

Part 3 Installing all devices


Get the tools you need. You will need a set of jewelry screwdrivers և they are preferably magnetic. Laptop screws are much smaller, it is more difficult to work with desktop screws. Look for a pair of pinched pliers to get any screws that fall into the cracks.

Keep the screws in a plastic bag until needed. This is to prevent it from rolling or losing.

Make a justification. Electric shocks can quickly damage computer components, so make sure you are in a flat place before assembling your laptop. Antistatic bracelets can be used to keep you grounded և they are cheap.

Rotate the frame so that the bottom is facing up. You will work on the motherboard with some of the disks removed from the partition.

Remove the disk cover panel. This panel has a 2.5 “wide incline that will support the hard drive. The placement varies depending on the frame, but this curve is usually located on the front of the laptop.

Insert the hard disk into the bracket. Most laptops require a hard drive to attach to the bracket to fit around the drive. Use four screws to secure the hard drive to the bracket. Screw holes will usually ensure that they are securely fastened.


Slide the hard drive into the bracket at an angle. Use glue to secure the disc. Most brackets will be fitted with two screws. Install the screw to secure the disc.

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