Huawei MateBook D 16 review – a great laptop for big things

The Huawei MateBook D series of laptops has become so successful that the company has decided to expand it. So the 16-inch model joined the family of 14- and 15-inch laptops. The computer has retained the “family traits” and convenient features, and individual options have made the novelty a real flagship – of the entire MateBook D family, of course.

Display – now for professional use

Huawei MateBook D 16 pleases with a giant 16.1-inch screen by laptop standards . The aspect ratio of 16: 9, coupled with such a diagonal, allows you to open two documents or windows at once on one desktop without pain and suffering.

In addition to the immodest diagonal, the screen finally boasts 100% support for the sRGB color space . Full-fledged work with color correction is only welcome, which is also facilitated by the brightness that has grown to 300 nits, the contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and the matte screen. The latter effectively resists glare and annoying reflections in the daytime.

Comfortable viewing angles allow you to watch movies and TV shows with the whole family, a group of friends, and so on. And at night, the display effectively fights blue light and thus protects the user’s eyes. For this, the laptop was awarded the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification.

Powerful and dense processor

Hidden under the hood is an AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor . It sports 6 cores, 12 threads, 3MB L2 cache and speeds up to 4 GHz. And unlike the “blue” competitor, the density of transistors is off scale here – the chipset is created using 7-nanometer technology. Due to this, the processor consumes less energy and pleases with increased performance. The latter in comparison with its AMD predecessor.

Below is a “puzomerka” with an indisputable superiority of our chipset over a fellow Ryzen 5 3500U from last year’s MateBook D 14 and D 15.In addition to the processor, the speed also pleases the SSD-disk, however, only for reading. But the main thing is that the  MateBook D 16 is always equipped with 512 GB of memory . There will be where to turn around. Especially considering the ability to expand up to 2TB by simply replacing the SSD drive .Of course, you won’t be able to play modern AAA projects on ultras for lack of a discrete video card. However, with networked toys, the laptop is on you. For example, in CS: GO, the frame rate never dropped below 48 FPS in native screen resolution and at high graphics settings. If you want, you can even drive to GTA 5. If you first disable all synchronization and anti-aliasing in the settings, set the average parameters, then a strong 50-60 FPS will wait at the output. And this is on the built-in graphics, for a minute!

The best part is that the laptop doesn’t overheat. As a result, the coolers do not “vacuum” the air at high revs and do not make noise above 40 dB even under heavy gaming load. Obviously, fans with thin blades of 0.2 mm Shark Fin are here for a reason.Sly metal body

The Huawei MateBook D 16 is built very solidly and with high quality. No gaps, backlashes, burrs at the seams and other crime. However, the main material is still plastic, only the top cover was awarded with metal. In the rest of the case, dark gray plastic successfully mimics it. It is absolutely not easily soiled, hardly scratches and also saves kilograms. The laptop weighs 1.74 kg, which is a win for 16 inches.

On the sides on the inside are two multimedia speakers. They please with a clean and truly surround sound, but it cannot be called loud. For watching movies, YouTube and TV shows at home, in a calm atmosphere, there is enough volume reserve. In a cafe or bar, the sound will obviously not be enough. However, there are wireless headphones for public places, since Bluetooth is the most relevant here – version 5.1 .

The keyboard is made for longreads and messengers

Huawei MateBook D 16 can be purchased for the keyboard alone. Firstly, the buttons are separated from each other at a respectful distance. The pins are long and comfortable, the arrow keys are also easily recognizable by touch – the ergonomics in general are excellent.Secondly, it delivers key travel. It is short but very distinct. In addition, pressing does not irritate with a piercing clatter. They are accompanied by a low, deep and noble sound. Just a song!

And the engineers have not forgotten about the keyboard backlight. There are two brightness modes, which is not enough for my taste. On the other hand, even this is enough to make it relatively comfortable to type blindly in the darkness of night vigils.

For a sweet little Easter egg. Since the top bezel is too thin (4.9mm), there was no room for a webcam. The 1 megapixel module settled right in the keyboard, among the function keys. “Webka” is pulled out as needed with one simple click from the top. Such is the mechanical, which means the most reliable privacy.

The touchpad is quite ordinary. Supports multitouch gestures, moderately sensitive to touch. Fans of touch panels will “go”, but, as for me, it is much more convenient to operate the system with a simple mouse.

An important link within the ecosystem

For the second year now, Huawei has been promoting its own Huawei Share technology , namely Multiscreen. Branded Huawei smartphones are connected to a computer via a wireless protocol for one or two times and allow you to drive tons of various files back and forth, use a single clipboard and even broadcast the screen of a younger gadget to a large, 16-inch PC panel. An NFC tag is built into the touchpad of the laptop, to which you need to touch the back of your smartphone. Next comes the Huawei magic.


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