IPhone 6s Plus: review, specifications and reviews


IPhone 6s Plus, an overview of which will be presented in this article, was a logical addition to the corresponding previous model. So what are the differences between these two devices? Perhaps this will become a secondary topic, which we will analyze today. The main part of the article we will focus on analyzing some characteristics of the model. Well, before we take a look at the model, we mention that the iPhone 6S Plus release date in Russia is September 9, 2015.



IPhone 6s Plus review

Both devices – the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus smartphones – were presented in the international arena in September this year. So how does one device differ from another? First, I would like to note that in the last embodiment, the reading function is implemented more efficiently. Sometimes it seems that we already have a real mini-book. Pocket, so to speak.


Second, working with the phone often cannot be dissociated with internet availability. On the device, you can read news and articles, and a larger screen provides greater convenience at the same time. Third, the 6S Plus has more energy efficient features. In this respect, it works for several hours longer. And believe me, it is very clear.


Fourth, the device is not difficult to transport, for example, in a jacket. And the case, which she wears in jeans, is not required without fail. And all this with an emphasis on the large screen size, please note. Finally, we note that this offer is very convenient for watching video. If there is no particular desire to carry an iPad, the 6S Plus will easily replace it in this regard.


Conclusion to the differences

IPhone 6s Plus features

The main, of course, was the method of reading. The iPhone 6S and the new IPhone 6S Plus differ greatly in this regard. There is a special night mode in the latest software model. It is designed to reduce the burden on the eyes of the owner of the phone during long reading in low-light conditions.


Package contents

IPhone 6s Plus in Russia

What can be found in the box with the phone? The basis of the delivery kit is the device itself and the necessary pair of accessories. This is a network adapter and microUSB cable. It can also be used to sync the phone with a PC or laptop. The EarPods are also included in the factory package. In a number of countries, the device is included in the delivery package that allows you to remove SIM cards. But not at all, this should be remembered. The configuration ends, of course, with the warranty card and phone documentation.



New iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The dimensions of the device do not differ much from those that we have become known since the days of the first presentation of the Plus product. The mass of the device has changed, yes. Now the weight of the iPhone 6S Plus, which is reviewed in the article, is 192 grams. During the manufacture of the chassis a new alloy was involved.


Color solutions

IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

There were a lot of them before. Now another one has been added. This is what is called “pink gold”. But, according to some reports, the most popular color nowadays is still “Cosmic Gray”. It is believed that it is the most practical, simple and understandable. These are the three “P”. Pink and gold solution is perfect for girls and women. Now you can find, by the way, a lot of these devices among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Now the service centers that offer to change the state of the phone are actively acting.


Around the covers

IPhone 6s Plus release date

To protect screens from all “apples” most modern materials are used. However, from an inaccurate user, the phone will be saved only if it is 50mm armored glass. This is the fact that it is necessary to carefully handle such a reinforced “armored” device, because even on the iPhone 6S Plus, which the reader can find in this article, it is possible to break the screen without much difficulty. Generally speaking, if you do not want to apply special films and bottles, it is best to get a cap. Also a workable solution.


iPhone 6S Plus: Security Overview

Currently, on the smartphone market, there are a large number of covers for our phone model. In such a truly rich variety it is easy to get lost and not choose what one wants, but really needs. Perhaps a better option would be to purchase the Incase SYSTM case case. This supplement can be found in many versions. In general, such a cover is a two-part configuration.


In more detail, the body suffices a narrow mesh. It is necessary to save on depreciation. In the top position, the base, is made of transparent polycarbonate. With all this, the owner of the phone will not feel uncomfortable when working with buttons. Connecting cables will not be difficult. The dimensions and dimensions of the device when using the cover will not increase to the extent of inconvenience to the user.


It hides the screen behind private sides. If the iPhone 6S Plus, the characteristics of which you can find in this article, falls by mistake, the bulk of the impact will be covered. The possibility of damage to the device will be reduced. This product is not available on the territory of the Russian Federation, it can only be ordered via the Internet. However, he will probably soon go to official sales in our country. Especially important is the case for people who often drop the phone or simply treat it carelessly. It is strange that these characters are among those who own an expensive model of this brand.


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