Notebook Repair complete guideline


Notebook computers, which are owned by almost all computer users, are computer systems based on a single mechanism, due to their low weight, being portable everywhere, active use in the business world, the benefits they provide in the student process and their suitability for other uses. Unlike desktop computers, the cleaning and repair of notebooks, which are located in a more integrated system of power supplies, differ from desktop computers. Notebook repair as there are more complex system sit requires more attention, diligence and technical knowledge. While the case and screen are separate systems in desktop computers and the case volume is larger, it is easy to separate and repair, while notebook computers need to open the mechanism. As this increases the rate of risks, if you are a notebook owner and your notebook malfunctions, the technical knowledge of the business and personnel that you will have repaired is very important. We think we are the best laptop service in this regard. We do not do computer repairs at home. Our company’s notebook service deals with this issue.



In notebook computers, loss of pixels on the screen, no display, heating problem, delayed opening and slow working problems, battery problems, deterioration in USB or charging input apparatus, deformation of keyboard keys, problems caused by speakers, burning and deterioration problems in the graphics card or processor notebook computer repair It constitutes the most common malfunctions in it. For this, we urgently recommend Istanbul laptop repair (considering our branch is in Istanbul). There are over 10 companies producing notebooks. The computer structures of each company are different and the supports provided by the product range vary at the same rate. For this reason, a good analysis of the problem of the computer should be done before the repair process to be made and material support should be provided to eliminate the problem according to the model of the computer. In this regard, we arrange the laptop repair prices in the most appropriate way.



Notebook brands that come to our workshop due to malfunction are generally well-known and popular brands. However, we, as Uskudar Computer, carry out repairs of damaged notebooks with our wide range of material equipment and experienced staff for all kinds of notebook brands. Notebook brands for which failure notifications are made and problems can be solved; MSI creates notebook brands such as Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Casper, Toshiba, Dell, Monster, Samsung, Sony, HP. Apart from that, Üsküdar Computer provides services for many known and unknown notebook repairs. Asus notebook repair is among what we do best.



Many malfunctions can occur in notebook computers due to various factors. We have compiled the frequently encountered malfunction problems for our valued customers, and if we need to give information with the procedures we apply for the solution of the problem;


Horizontal and vertical line problems on notebook screens are a common problem we encounter. We apply a screen change process as a result of a malfunction in the screen pixels. Depending on the workload, it can be received within 3 working days at the latest. Another common fault is that notebook computers do not turn on at all. If there is a notebook that does not turn on, the fault has two reasons. Failure is caused by an error on either the adapter part or the main board. In solving the adapter failure, the problem can be solved by attaching the appropriate adapter to the notebook computer, while the main board replacement is required in case of main board malfunctions.


Although technology develops rapidly and offers us different products, the problem of cracking and dead pixels on the screens has not been solved. If the screen of your computer is cracked or dead pixels that form black spots on the screen have increased, the malfunction is resolved by performing a screen replacement. Notebook repair the biggest type of malfunction caused by the user, not the product, is the spilling of drinks on the notebook computers. In such cases, the precautions taken by the user are important. If the computer has not been turned off and the battery has not been output, and if there is a deterioration in the electronic evenings due to the liquid, a material change is made. Generally, on notebook computers that are brought late, the main board is damaged due to liquid. At this point, the main board is replaced. One of the problems we encounter is the problem of not reading a CD or DVD that is stuck in CD and DVD drives, which is vital when it is necessary, even if we do not use it anymore. At this point, our operations start with reader lens cleaning. If the reading process is not performed after cleaning the lens, a new reader optic must be installed in its place. Last but not least, one of the common problems is that the hinges are broken as a result of misuse and abuse of computers. Because the hinges are broken, it is not possible for the screen to stop and the keyboard to remain attached to the mechanism. These computers that are starting to fall apart are very easy to repair. First, the hinges are changed. Some computers use plastic material while others use metal material. The repair process differs depending on the type of material.



As it is a complex and one-piece system, notebook repair is an area that requires attention and technical knowledge. If you do not want to have your computer repaired within the scope of this subject, it is necessary to stay away from unprofessional computer shops. Incorrect actions can cause your computer to experience worse results. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the warranty period is over or not. Having a notebook repair in unfamiliar businesses may give you surprises about the original materials of your computer in the future. For this reason, it is very important that you take care of your repair process both at work and in places where there is no reliability problem. As Uskudar Computer, we have been repairing your notebooks with the technical support and professional business management we have provided for many years.

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