The design :-

Galaxy M31 phone and take exactly the same design as its older brother Galaxy M30s .. A completely plastic design with a single color, no new or different pattern .. and Samsung may not like to design M series phones as you may not be interested in the internal specifications that we will talk about a little further.


The mobile phone weighs 191 grams and has a thickness of 9 mm .. I held it in the hand well, because the phone was not very long .. and I have no problems with it .. and there is no protrusion in the rear camera .. something very sweet.

Unfortunately, there is no big case in this mobile box, the screen, the headphone, or anything else .. Samsung feels provided with great needs.


When we put the Realme 6 Gumbo the M31 .. You will find them both in common with plastic materials .. And the two are almost the same weight and thickness .. But Realme 6 is slightly longer than the M31 because of the difference in screen size.


As for the Realme 6, it has a large projection in the rear cameras .. This bulge is not present in the Galaxy M31 .. But the Realme 6 comes with a case in the box that covers this projection.

And finally .. with regard to the elegance and modernity of the design .. The Realme 6 sure is newer and more elegant than the M31 whose design is a very classic .. In general, it is the best of it.


The screen :-

As I always say .. The best thing about Samsung phones is its screen .. The M31 comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with FHD + resolution with a Water Drop notch in which the selfie camera is attached.


The usual screen that we tried before in the M30s .. it is not really a new screen .. but its performance is very, very impressive .. the screen colors and degrees of brightness under the high sun make you really happy with this mobile experience.


The screen has a third generation Corning Gorilla Glass protection, and it does not have a screen installed on it .. And Samsung will provide you with a 6-month warranty on the screen if it is broken .. Because AMOLED screens are a bit expensive.


When we bring the screen down, the Realme 6 screen has a gimp … We will find the Realme 6 Jay with a full-screen 6.5-inch IPS LCD with a selfie hole … with a refresh rate higher than 90 hertz.


Does this mean that the newer Realme 6 screen and the higher refresh rate … gives it the M31 screen gain?


The performance :-

The Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with the same processor as the M30s in its coolness .. Exynos 9611, which I talked about a lot before this .. This processor is the first thing you buy the phone, it will be very good with you


But the idea after this is either to download a lot of programs, and they all prefer to run in the background thanks to the interface of Samsung, which does not block any applications on its own .. so you will encounter the mobile less with you.


If your usage is normal, it is not a gamer and you buy games, nor does your use say … Exynos 9611 will be enough for you to worry about it.


But at one point it remains .. Come see the Realme 6 processor .. which is the Helio G90T .. This processor is significantly stronger than the M31 .. In daily performance you may feel a slight difference .. but the difference you will actually feel is in the graphic performance.


Realme 6 plays PUBG on Ultra HDR, and the Galaxy M31 plays the game in response to Ultra HDR .. But there is a difference in performance!


You will find the game by dropping a lot of frames with you on the high graphic settings of the M31, and you will have to download to High HD in order to be able to play with a slight drop in the frames and very clear heat in the body of the mobile by listening to the screen.


Personally, I see the gaming experience on the Realme 6 better, in terms of performance and overheating, which is less level and you cannot reach the screen and touch of the mobile itself.


Call of Duty game works on Very High graphics settings on Realme 6 .. And it works on High graphics settings in M31, and the game works very well on Mobilin.


Finally, Fort Knight works on the Realme 6 on the high graphics settings … but on the M31 it does not work officially.


To sum up, because you are not satisfied with you .. if you are interested in games .. So in stronger competitors such as the Realme 6 and Note 8 Pro, they will be stronger with you, with a clear and frank difference .. But if your use is normal .. the Galaxy M31 processor will be enough for you.


Safety factors and other elements: –

The Galaxy M31 mobile has a fingerprint located in the Dahr .. It also supports Face Unlock, which is fast and has no problems.


But when we compare with the safety factors of the Realme 6 .. We will find the Realme 6 faster, a simple need .. And the location of the fingerprint on the power buttons is more practical and up-to-date and like that.


The Realme 6 and the M31 have a dark mode .. but the experience on the M31 is a lot better because of course the AMOLED screen .. and the Mobilin does not have a notification light .. but on the M31 you will find Always On Display and you will be replaced by the absence of this lamp.


The mobilin sound is loud .. but I like the sound of the M31 more stereo .. but as a louder sound .. the M31 and the Rilmi 6 are the same,


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