Should you use a used, cheap laptop?

Should you use a used, cheap laptop?

Nowadays, you can buy a portable computer in decent condition with usable performance for as little as a few tens of thousands of forints. However, the difference between the assets available in the price category is heaven and earth. There are plenty of considerations to consider if you don’t want to throw your money out the window.


Categories of laptops

In counseling, I tend to classify laptops into semi-subjective categories based on my practical experience . Why are they semi-subjective? Similar subdivisions are used on more professional interfaces, but I tend to break them down further. In fact, I consider category to be more important than any factor when it comes to notebooks.


Consumer machines

These laptops are made for the average user. There is a large variance in performance and material quality. Here I always recommend the longest possible warranty, the more durable housing, medium performance and SSD. Higher performance machines are made with serious trade-offs to ensure an affordable price. Their most common mistake is worthless cooling, which can ruin the machine over time and result in a peppery repair cost. Ridiculously weak, entry-level dedicated video cards with good-sounding values, but only at an additional cost, are also common.


Entry category consumer machines

You can buy a new, less powerful laptop for as little as HUF 75,000. Usually their processor and display are low, the material quality is not very good, and the crappy touchpad is common (let’s say this is true for all machines nowadays). However, equipped with an SSD is not necessarily a bad deal for moderate users.


Business, business machines

A much more pepper priced category. These include premium quality laptops designed to be more reliable and durable. Important: the category does not necessarily indicate performance! The main difference is in load capacity and service life. Many companies are engaged in refurbishing replacement laptops in this category. You may want to consider buying one as these notebooks are of a higher standard than their more popular counterparts and will last for a very long time when used properly. If used, cheap laptops are your heart’s desire, then most of these machines I recommend!


Entry class business machines

This, in turn, is a completely subjective definition. These machines look better than consumer machines, but lag behind their more serious counterparts in terms of quality and reliability. Warning sign: an affordable price in its new age.


Fake business category

They’ve popped up lately, so I’ll name machines where a processor with too much power is only good for overpricing because they don’t give up the expected extra power due to throttling.


Gamer laptops

Laptops designed for gaming. In addition to high performance, there is a normal display and usable two-circuit cooling. (Dual circuit cooling: The processor and video card have two separate cooling circuits.)


Entry-level gamer laptops

Compromise machines intended by the manufacturer for customers with thinner wallets. If the cooling is single-circuit, it should not be purchased.


Media laptops

Roughly the same as entry-level gamer laptops. Good big, goes well, it also has a video card in it… then either it has cooling or it doesn’t. Sometimes a coarser piece pops up among used laptop ads, but you need to look very carefully at whether the extras are worth the price and what the type of feedback is!


Additional categories

  • Netbook

Nowadays, it is rare to come across such machines. They were low-power, ultramobile machines designed for netting. The only problem was that the demand for machines for web browsing increased exponentially, and these machines proved to be too slow.



These are small but otherwise full performance laptops. It is also a common size type among entry-level consumer and advanced business machines. Not netbooks!


Categories of laptops

  • Incorrect, incomplete descriptions in used, cheap laptop ads

Crying cramps are often avoided when reading Goodness or Facebook ads. My three favorite mistakes are:



It can be played on any computer. EVERYTHING. So if you start a game on a machine, it won’t become a “boom” yet. Nor will it be a boom to have a dedicated video card in it. Moreover, even if the middle class! Dual circuit cooling, durable design, high quality standard: this makes a gamer laptop a real gamer laptop.


“Video card 2pcs”

This is related to the previous one. There are four groups of laptop video cards:


  • integrated in the processor, low power, but fit for purpose
  • entry-class dedicated dogs without normal refrigeration
  • mid-range dedicated dogs without normal refrigeration
  • mid- and high-end dedicated controller with normal cooling

I’m not going to start a marketing business, but I guess that won’t surprise me anymore. For a video card, it is a good idea to define a regular type or link to some decent reference, such as a description of There, those video cards always come with a lot of measurements that show that ( most compromise crap ) doesn’t necessarily add to the device’s performance.


By the way, I’m looking at these things with a video card:


  • integrated or dedicated?
  • do you have normal cooling? ( I’m an oldschool face, I’m already bothered by 65 degrees )
  • is it suitable for playing 1080p – x264 / mkv videos?
  • what kind of architecture?
  • how much and what memory (shared, DDR3 or GDDR5) do you have?
  • what numbers do you show during different games on the notebookcheck?

If I’m not so in the picture with the games listed, I’ll check their minimum or recommended machine requirements. I’ve never dived into the subject, but I can filter out a whole lot of information from these statistics about a type.

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