The best smartphones of 2020 for photography and video

12 November 2020

Modern smartphones can shoot so well that most of us have no complaints about convenience or quality. Our selection contains gadgets that, in our opinion, are best tailored for creating photos and videos.


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The “fan” version of the 2020 flagship has all the features and technologies most demanded by users, including three cameras for great shots in a variety of situations. The main wide-angle camera focuses in a split second, and thanks to optical stabilization, it saves from blurry shots. Photos are good in any light and at any distance – a fast lens and two zooms are responsible for this: threex optical and thirty digital. The selfie camera is so good that you get not only quick shots for posting on social networks but also quite decent portraits.


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Yes, this is not an extremely unusual smartphone for everyone, but the creators have not forgotten about your love for photographs either.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

The gadget has four flagship pro-cameras available at once. The impressive 64-megapixel main camera will provide previously unseen detail. The ultra-wide-angle lens will allow you to “get closer” to the most interesting that you want to capture and will become an indispensable tool in reportage, landscape, interior photography and at festive events.


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With the micromodule, you can see the smallest elements on miniature objects. And portraits taken with the front camera will gain additional charm due to the effect of depth. And the cherry on top: the selfie camera is capable of recording in slow motion.


Huawei P40 Pro

Many experts claim that this is the smartphone with the best camera today. But if you want to make up your own mind, get ready to test a camera designed by the legendary Leica with four lenses. The high-sensitivity main lens is indispensable for photo shoots in good lighting conditions. The telephoto lens will prove itself where you need to get as close as possible to the subject of shooting – for this it has a 5x optical and 50x digital zoom. A 3D sensor measures depth of field for professional-looking bokeh, while a cinema lens captures fast and ultra-slow motion video.


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Just choose an interesting scene, and the camera will make you admire the results in any shooting conditions and in any scenarios.


Vivo V20

The impressive 44 megapixel camera and eye AF function in the selfie camera are far from all the capabilities of this device. Its front camera can independently switch between the foreground and background, adds a slight touch of mystery to night shots and gently, without the Photoshop effect, makes portraits like you on the first try. The main camera has no less interesting characteristics: support for 4K-resolution, slow-motion shooting at a frequency of 240 frames per second and several slow-motion modes.


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By the way, Vivo V20 is able to shoot video simultaneously from the front and main cameras – you just have to figure out how to use this ability.


Honor 30

A smartphone with which you can change even a set of professional equipment. Day or night, sunny weather or artificial light indoors – for every situation it has the tools to help you get great photos. Highly detailed images captured by the 40-megapixel lens are refined here by clever algorithms. With a wide-angle lens, whatever you want is in the frame. And the zoom function – five-fold optics and a fifty-fold figure – will bring you closer to distant objects without losing clarity.


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With such a set of functions, neither difficult shooting conditions nor distance are scary – the smartphone camera will capture important moments of life more vividly than they were reflected in your memory.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

And this is the main “revolutionary” of the review – he is the only one on this list to shoot in 8K resolution! The approach is truly flagship, and not only because of the good resolution and excellent detailing of the finished images. The gadget has a powerful digital zoom 100x and optical 10x. Engineers have tripled the size of the sensor to get the most out of night mode and not disappoint fans of the Galaxy S line. Any 8K video scene turns into a great photo with a single tap. The stabilizer compensates for camera shake and the video comes out really smooth. This comes in handy when shooting in motion, as if you were using an action camera.


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Add to all of the above artificial intelligence technologies that remove extraneous noise and adjust other parameters, and you will understand that this smartphone is worthy of its status.


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