The HP 15 Notebook PC (review)

The HP 15 Notebook PC is a low-cost entry-level laptop designed to replace a laptop computer. Tested 2.6 GHz AMD A6-9225 processor և 4 GB DDR4 RAM was enough for most basic performance tasks, but the non-Full HD display makes it a tough choice as a desktop replacement. Medium battery life means you can eventually pull out the plug when you use it outdoors.

We tested the HP 15 notebook in the office և at home to see how it performs day-to-day tasks. We looked at things like speaker quality, efficiency և gaming challenges, battery life, and more.


Design. The premium looks at the budget price

When designing a desktop replacement for less than $ 300, such as an HP 15 laptop, there are deals to reach that affordable price point. Aesthetics are usually the first concession, but the HP Notebook 15 actually looks great. The matte finish of the case has a nice texture: gives a nice visual effect, which can be an imperceptible design.


The HP 15 laptop is available in several different colors, but the basic black model we tested has the same textured plastic on the border, inner case and outer case. Most ports, including power, Ethernet, HDMI, and both USB 3.1 ports, are on the left side, so most of the time you only have to deal with the wires on one side of the device. The third USB port, DVD drive և SD card reader are on the right.


The matte finish of the case has a nice texture: gives a nice visual effect, which can be an imperceptible design.

The back of the laptop is less than an inch, and the front is even thinner. It weighs more than four and a half pounds, which is a bit of a hindrance to portability, but the short battery life means it’s the same, you won’t take it with you.


Installation process. It is generally simple, but the cracker can extend the initial setting

The HP 15 laptop is a Windows 10 laptop, գործընթացը the setup process is not unusual for a laptop. We have calculated the initial installation time պակաս it took less than 15 minutes to turn it on ացնել turn it on for the first time. During the registration process, HP requests some information (including your email address), but most OEMs have such a process for posting support and warranty information.


It includes a trial version of Office 365 շուրջ About Ten Utilities և programs that most users will not or will not need. Removing all the malware dramatically increases the initial installation time, especially since this is not the fastest laptop to start with, but removing unnecessary new ones frees up space and helps the laptop run a little faster.


Display: inconspicuous, not HD

The display is one of the biggest drawbacks of the HP 15 laptop. It is easy to use և will not hurt if you use the laptop for basic productivity tasks. But this is definitely one of the places where HP is cutting corners to reach the budget price. The maximum resolution is only 1366 x 768, which is lower for a 15.6-inch display.

We would love to see a laptop of this size at least 1600 x 900, if not 1920 x 1080, but that does not have to be an obstacle at this price point.


Performance. Better than Intel HP laptops with similar specifications

HP Notebook 15 suffers in the performance section due to A6-9225 AMD և 4 GB RAM. It is perfectly capable of performing basic tasks such as word processing, web browsing, email, even spreadsheets, but even with slightly better processors, the comparable models with extra RAM outperform it in all possible benchmarks.

We’ve launched the PCMark 10 benchmark to get an idea of ​​how the HP 15 performs key tasks. He scored a total of 1,421 points, higher in the 3,027 Essentials category և 2,352 in the Productivity category. , most likely, slow down the whole car.


The display is one of the biggest drawbacks of the HP 15 laptop.


For comparison, it surpassed a similar Lenovo Ideapad 320, which managed to score only 1,021 points in the overall test. However, the Intel-powered HP 15-BS013DX, cousin of the HP Notebook 15, scored much higher at 2169 points. The Acer Aspire E15, another low-cost laptop with the same low price, outperformed most of the competition by 2657 points.

We’ve also done some gaming tests, but the result is that this laptop is not for gaming. It does not have a processor, video card or RAM to play anything even close to a modern game.

At the Cloud Gate base, designed for low-end laptops, it averaged 2,600 ում and managed only 16 FPS. In this test, the closely related HP 15-BS013DX together with the Intel chip scored 5232 at 31 FPS.

We also conducted the Fire Strike test, which is another game test designed for slightly more powerful machines. In this round he scored only 547 points with absolutely no FPS 3.


Performance. Works great for basic productivity tasks

In real life, we’ve found that the HP 15 often feels sluggish, especially when running multiple applications or manipulating 10 or more web browser tabs. This is especially true when working with images և videos, but can be used for basic tasks such as word processing և email.

The biggest problem we encountered during our test was the download speed. It took about 20 seconds to run some programs like LibreOffice Writer. This is a problem that you will only encounter when you first open the app, but it will take some time to run this laptop.

When you start, the HP Notebook 15 is great. The keys are nice to the touch, not soft, and the layout is fine. We had no problem typing or using the touchpad, և it would be nice to have an island-style keyboard dedicated to a digital keyboard.

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