Boity Dragged By Trolls For Taking Sides In Black Coffee & Enhle Brouhaha


Those in the camp of Black Coffee are not happy with Boity’s stance and has taken to social media to drag her for it.

However Boity is not the only celebrity who has taken this path with many of his colleagues also following suit after Enhle’s court appearance yesterday.

Things are messy between Enhle Mbali and her ex-husband Black Coffee with one saying they have endured enough pain and suffering from abuse, and the other saying he did not do it.

Yesterday, Enhle was accompanied by a group of Gender-based activists as they made their way to the Randburg Magistrates court. 

The actress has opened a case against her ex-husband for abusing her on her birthday at their Randburg home.

In a lengthy statement, Black Coffee said he has never abused Enhle, saying this is a scheme to keep him away from their two children.

“I DID NOT assault Mbali, the mother of my children. I didn’t do it now and I have never done It before”, he wrote in part.

“It is truly regrettable that she has chosen to mislead the public using the name of GBV and seeking a protection order against me to separate me from my children and our home,” he added.

Boity has declared her support for Enhle, stating that she truly believes her no matter what.

Even though some joined Boity in her quest to give Enhle all the support she needs, others have thrown insults at her for taking sides.

“I don’t believe her, I’m sorry. Losing that kind of money is not easy, now she’s trying to make sure Coffee pays foe every little incident. And that my friends is divorce for you, I’ve been there.”

“For me its difficult to say I believe Enhle or Black Coffee, am pretty sure we all know what couples do or say when its break up time, I just hope Black Coffee ddnt do it coz we look up to him and I hope Enhle is not lying to make him look bad in public.”



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