Skin Doctors’ Hair Removal Products Beat Ingrown Hairs, Skin Bumps and Razor Burns


When it comes to body hair, we’re very much of the belief that whatever your outlook, everyone deserves the right to their desired finish. Whether you prefer to embrace it in all of its natural glory, or trim, pluck, shave, wax or thread it, our body hair (and the skin underneath it) deserves the very best. So why is it we’re so willing to settle for the baggage that our routines so often come with?

Ingrown hairs and general body-hair-related irritation can affect us all. In fact, it’s a common misconception that ingrown hairs and skin bumps only affect those who choose to shave. Occurring when a growing hair curls back on itself or grows sideways, ingrown hairs can often turn sore, irritated and inflamed if left untreated. And while such irritations are a common side effect of hair removal, such as shaving and waxing, something as simple as friction from our clothes on the skin can cause even fully grown hairs to become ingrown or follicles to become irritated.

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And these perils are things that the clever brains at Skin Doctors know all too well. A welcome breath of fresh air among so many beauty brands that bury their heads when it comes to accepting the perils of body hair, Skin Doctors offers research-led products that aim to tackle the widespread issues hair removal can bring. If you’re dealing with bumps, razor burn or just plain irritation, there are solutions – and Skin Doctors Ingrow Go and Hair No More Inhibitor Spray might be just the ticket.

First up: ingrown hairs, we’re looking at you. It all too often feels like no matter what we do to prevent those little guys, they’ll just keep cropping up. As a result, we inevitably end up picking, squeezing and digging at them until we either strike gold or, more often than not, give up and just hope they work their own way out. But with every prod, we risk infection, scarring and generally worsening the situation. Enter, Skin Doctors Ingrow Go.

A hardworking lotion that can be used both to treat existing ingrown hairs and prevent them from occurring in the first place, Ingrow Go quickly combats ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burns. Containing a combination of powerful actives, such as acetylsalicylic acid to reduce swelling and inflammation and glycolic acid to exfoliate, the vegan-friendly formula sloughs away at dead skin cells that block the hair follicle and smooths out bumps at the same time.

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To target already troublesome areas, pop some of the product onto a cotton bud or pad (depending on how big the area you want to treat is), apply directly to the affected area and leave it to do its follicle unblocking work. If your skin is prone to sensitivity, leave the lotion on for 15 minutes and rinse to prevent any potential further irritation.

If it’s razor bumps or burns that are getting you down, soak a cotton pad and apply to the whole area to help smooth skin texture and exfoliate. For those who choose to remove their body hair, be sure to leave 24 hours either side of whatever removal method you use before applying Ingrow Go – remember that over-exfoliating the skin can lead to irritation.

Exhausted by the general upkeep and aftercare of hair removal? We feel you. But the good news is Skin Doctors has got something for that, too. Ideal for those who prefer to remove their body hair but can’t bear the aftermath, Skin Doctors Hair No More Inhibitor Spray contains natural herbal extracts, such as hair growth minimising complex pilinhib veg, that work to actually reduce regrowth.

Also containing urea and witch hazel leaf extract, the spray-on formula nourishes and calms the skin post-hair removal, too. Once skin has dried following depilation, simply spray the intended area and massage in. Use every day for one week and twice a week from then onwards to keep on top of things. Et voilá, a hassle-free, super-smooth hair-removal routine!

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