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DJ Zinhle On Whether Age Is A Factor In The Men She Dates

DJ Zinhle On Whether Age Is A Factor In The Men She Dates. When it comes to dating we all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a partner and some are more peculiar than others. Award winning DJ and Businesswoman DJ Zinhle is what we would consider an alpha female when it comes to her boss status so it doesn’t comes as a surprise that she has a certain standard and preference when it comes to dating.

In a recent Q&A she has on her Instagram with her followers, the mother of one was asked about her love life. One of the questions that came up had to do with the age gap that she prefers in a partner. Zinhle happens to be very open minded when it comes to picking a partner because age is just a number to her and doesn’t regard it as a deal breaker.

She also revealed that she likes to dip her toes in the river of youth and date men who are younger in age than she is.

“No. I prefer younger men” she said.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as all of her public relationships were with men who were slightly younger than her. Zinhle is currently 37 years old and her baby daddy AKA is four years younger than she is. The pair have had a rather rocky history having reconciled only to break up again. Zinhle is all about doing what makes her happy as her current boyfriend Black Motion group member Murdah Bongz is three years her junior having recently celebrated his 34th birthday.

In a previous reply, Zinhle revealed how the romantic gesture that Bongz did for ended up winning her over. According to Zinhle, She had found an old vinyl record collection of hers and on the cover was a letter that she had written for her late father who passed in 2010. Even though had no recollection of writing the note, it made her very emotional upon finding it.

Thats when Bongz secretly took the record and sampled it to make a song for her and as they say the rest is history.

“I was super emotional when I found it. Bongani took the record, sampled it and made a song for me” she wrote.

Our guess is that younger male partners keep things more fun and there is no doubt about how much fun the two are having in their little love bubble.

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