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Kenya court sentences four men to death over robbery with violence

A court in Kenya has sentenced to death four men found guilty of robbery with violence.

Principal Magistrate Gideon Mutiso convicted Isaak Kariuki Ndambiri, Kennedy Gachoki Kanguru, James Gitonga Wawira and Christopher Bundi Mbogo of killing two people and maiming two others in a robbery incident.

The four, jointly with others not before the court, are said to have committed the offence on July 1, 2018, at a nightclub in Ndindiruku, Mwea East sub-county.

Ms Margaret Wanjiku Mwangi was robbed of Sh200,000 (K1.4 Million) and killed alongside Stephen Muriithi Mwangi.

The court heard the four, armed with an AK 47 rifle, also shot and maimed James Kimani and Kelly Nyawira, who can no longer fend for themselves.

It also emerged that Robert Mwangi, the husband of Ms Mwangi and brother of the late Kimani, was impacted by the robbery since his liquor business went under.

Mwangi asked the court to give a maximum sentence to the four persons.

“When they gunned down my wife, I was left with an infant whom I continue to nurture. And under such circumstances, I can hardly go for any meaningful employment,” he said amid tears.

Ms Nyawira, who was maimed in the robbery incident, pleaded with the court to sentence to death the four men.

“I was forced to quit employment due to the serious injury I sustained. I urge this court to send them to the gallows,” said Nyawira.

Defense lawyer Nduku Njuki, in his mitigation, told the court that his clients were still innocent and the police were yet to arrest the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

Justice Mutiso ruled that the convicts had not shown any remorse despite committing the serious crime.

“I find the convicts have no respect for others and even upon being given an opportunity for mitigation, they continue to deny having committed the crime which the prosecution and the witnesses proved beyond reasonable doubt,” Mutiso ruled.

The magistrate also said, although the death sentence was discretionary, the four deserved it.

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