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“A Girl Died” Ntsiki Mazwai Reacts To AKA Getting Back To Business

A Girl Died” Ntsiki Mazwai Reacts To AKA Getting Back To Business. Our favourite unapologetic queen Ntsiki Mazwai is back at it on twitter and this time her guns are aimed at AKA and his Megacy. Since the death of rapper AKA’s wife Nelli Tembe at a hotel in Cape Town in April, he had taken a step back from social media. It seems like the rapper has taken enough time to heal and reflect as he recently announced his return to the game.

During the buzz around Tembe’s death, AKA shared a statement claiming that he would be taking time off all social media platforms and would be stepping back from all partnerships. Taking to his Instagram two day ago, AKA announced that he is back to business and he will be continuing his partnership with Cruz Vodka.

“We back in business. @cruzvodka ? … Please make sure you stock up & enjoy RESPONSIBLY” he wrote.

Fans were very happy to hear of the rapper’s return except for GBV activist and poet Ntsiki Mazwai. Taking to twitter, Ntsiki reacted to the rapper’s announcement reminding those who support the alcohol brand on behalf of AKA that the rapper is somehow allegedly inflicted in the death of his fiancé.

Ntsiki further dragged the rapper for failure of pretend grieving for at least 6 months and his PR teams doing the most on social media to hype up the rapper’s return to the industry. Ntsiki couldn’t help but notice how fast the rapper managed to recover from the loss of someone who he labelled his soulmate.

The activist further dragged social media for always supporting celebrities whatever the cost may be claiming that the rapper should have been dropped as the ambassador for the Vodka brand and they could have chosen someone else.

Taking into considerations the dragging spree she has had about social media supporting celebrities such as Boity, DJ Zinhle and more with who strive on having multiple business ventures instead of priortizing education and being the right kind of role models that society needs.

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