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Nigerian Prophet Joshua Ignila Gives Prophecy On Zambia’s Elections

NIGERIA’s Champions Royal Assembly prophet Joshua Iginla has prophesied that he saw President Edgar Lungu trying to sit down on his presidential chair but that the more he tries, the seat falls.

On September 5, 2017, The Mast carried a story headlined: “Lungu, leave 2021 and walk out with glory – Prophet Iginla”

In that story, the Prophet told President Lungu not to let anyone push him to contest the 2021 general elections because those saying “Hosanna” to him today would be the ones to crucify him.

The prophet had said while President Lungu was a ‘great man’ who feared God, he was surrounded by many “Judas Iscariots”.

“Don’t let them push you for another 2021 elections; please, deliver what you have now to the Zambian people and walk out with glory,” Prophet Iginla said then. “I don’t see another time for you! If I have said this, I don’t run after the President to give me money. I’m blessed; what am I looking for? I have said the truth. Please, please, the Lord has taken you there and you know what you have to do and take a bow and leave. I’m troubled; Zambia is a peaceful place.”

He added that: “some founding fathers have made the block of Zambia on spiritual principles; follow these principles very much.”

“And I’m saying it, great man His Excellency Lungu, I have sat with him, prayed with him, God-fearing man [but] there are a lot of Judas Iscariots around you – they only want you to fail,” said Prophet Iginla. “They will thwart your government, they will criticize you at last. Those who are saying Hosanna to you now, they shall crucify you tomorrow.”

During Sunday’s Church service on August 1, Prophet Iginla said a prophet does not speak because people want him to speak.

“He speaks because God wants him to speak! Zambia is a great nation. Zambians are lovely people, warm-hearted people! The nation of Zambia is a Christian nation. A nation that will always rise in a committee of all other African countries!” Prophet Iginla said. “God loves Zambia so much. That is why sometimes God will raise a voice to speak in the midst of so many confusions and so many prophecies.”

He said God had sent him as a voice to the nation of Zambia.

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