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Cake Lootist Reportedly Died Of Gall Bladder Disease Four Days After Looting (See Video)

Word coming out of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is that the cake-loving looter is no more.

The sweetness of the cake caught up with him before the police could locate him.


Zakhele Ndlovu consumed too much sugar during the looting spree that resulted in a fatal case of Gallbladder illness that took his life.

His close friend who prefers to be anonymous said Zakhe loves sugar and he always knew it would be the death of him.

Sugar doesn’t last at Zakhele’s house My friend loves sugar like a bee.

Even in the primary he always got in trouble for stealing sweet things. I think he is addicted to consuming sugar.

On that fateful day, Zakhele must have felt like he was in heaven.

“He had so much energy it was like he was high on something. He always says he needed some sugar every time he wanna do something that needs some nerves. Some people get high or drink alcohol. Zakhele ate sugar.”

The late is also rumored to be a big fan of sugar cane.

In 2016 he broke into a sugarcane farm and stayed there for four-month eating only sugarcane.

He only left the farm because they were beginning their harvest.

His nickname was “Sugar Sugar.”

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