Man sneaks bottle of vodka into music festival by burying it weeks before


Some call him a scammer, others say he’s a genius.

A man attending Lollapalooza which took place in Chicago’s historic Grant Park last weekend didn’t want to pay for overpriced cocktails so he devised a plan to smuggle in his own drinks.

Three weeks before the multi-day music festival, a guy (who remains anonymous) entered the concert grounds to bury a bottle of vodka.

On the day he attended the event, he knew exactly where to go to dig up his treasure.

He worked out where the stage was going to be built and, a few weeks before the event, he strolled in and buried a bottle of vodka before the barriers went up.

From there it was just a case of remembering where his buried treasure was, and breaking through a thin covering of dirt to claim his prize.

A Twitter user named @WUTangKids made a post about his plan.

“Guy buried a bottle of vodka at Grant Park a week before Lollapalooza and dug it up when he got inside…..gotta give it up to the man, it’s a straight-up pro move,” he wrote.

One user pointed out that his foresight when it came to booze wasn’t matched by forward-thinking about Covid-19 precautions: “In this world of Delta, this guy went to Lollapalooza with 100 000 other people.

“But you think he’s a genius for sneaking in a bottle of hooch.”

Another added that while the plan wasn’t terrible, there was still a good deal of room for improvement: “If he had buried it in a big Ziploc with ice packs it would be clean & cold.

“I don’t think plunking a bottle straight in the dirt qualifies as ”next level“ but I guess the Internet has lowered all brain standards.”

Plenty of other people shared their own schemes for smuggling illegal booze into festivals.

One user joked about taking the hack to the next level: “Did the same thing with my 9 yr old and stuck him in a hole I dug in the park the day before the carnival.

“Dug him up when we got inside and saved $14.50 (R200) on a ticket to get him in.”


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