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National Outcry in Russia after South Africans Reveal that they Eat “Russians”

There has been outrage in Russia following a video that surfaced online showing some South Africans having a conversation on how they enjoy eating ‘Russians’.

The video has also been shared on a news website in China and Russia bringing confusion to the discussion on the table.

Upon watching the video, a Russian vlogger speaking English with a Russian accent reacted by posting his video in which he complains about South Africans eating ‘Russians’.

In the video he is outraged as he said he came across a video made by South Africans who were discussing how much they love chopping and cutting Russians, eating them with their hands or cutlery, choosing and cutting Russians.

One South African woman can be heard saying in the video: “I chop them in half, and I deep fry them.”

While another man said he likes it when they peel off and look all pink.

The vlogger responds by saying it is cannibalism and against human rights.

Apparently, the Russian community got the whole story twisted as the South Africans in the viral video were referring ‘Sausages’ but due to their accent, it sounded like Russians.

Watch the Video of the Russian vlogger reacting!!


The video has also been shared on a Russian TV. Watch Below!!!

Well, sure Russian are delicious, it is SAUSAGES… containing chicken, pork or beef!

No HUMAN was injured in the making of Russian Sausages.

The hashtag #ILoveEatingRussians have been trending on Twitter. And it has been entertaining!


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