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Students Filmed ‘Servicing’ Each Other Following Teachers Strike In Ghana [VIDEO]

Some alleged students of the University of Ghana were caught making out in a hostel room following the strike by University Teachers Association of Ghana, (UTAG).

 Students are idling on campus currently as UTAG has gone on another strike for the obvious reasons and whiles they are agitating for better conditions for service for its members, some students who found nothing to do perhaps after studying for some time decided to excite each other just to while away the time.

Rumors indicate that the strike has led to many students leaving the campus to their homes whiles those remaining on campus have decided to get themselves busy by servicing each other.

A video captures the moment some unidentified students believed to be lovers romancing each other in a room and giving themselves pleasures they would not have had if their teachers or lectures were in session.

Watch the video below;


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