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KENYA: Angry locals serve Politicians with dirty river water to drink as refreshment

It’s the dream of our incompetent leaders and their unresourceful parties to govern us anyhow while sane citizens stand aside and look.

In opposition, they adore those who are critical of the incumbent.

But, in government, they’re untouchables who must be followed with a brass band of sycophantic praise-singing while they dance their poor performance on streets of mediocrity.

The quality of leadership we’ve is an insult to this generation and it tells how past generations failed to nurture quality leaders to drive our development agenda.

Filth is growing in our cities and towns and our super incompetent leaders are blaming perennial floods on citizens’ attitudes instead of taking responsibility and dealing with the waste management and sanitation issues among others.

Security is dwindling and citizens are living in fear than ever before yet some people expect everybody to shut up.

Cost of living is rising steadily against dwindling standard of living, yet, people who called others evil,

Wicked and all sorts of names when same happened in the past wish nobody would question why they’re supervising increase in same tariffs and others while incomes suffer stagnation.

Don’t mind them. Don’t be moved by whatever they say or do when you critique their actions and inactions.

Politicians are supposed to cater to the masses, attend to their needs and provide them with the needed infrastructure and developmental projects to enhance their livelihoods since they voted them into power but not to come to them during electioneering period and make huge promises.

As it did occur, aggrieved Kenyan residents who reside in the Marsabit County government expressed their dissatisfaction with politicians during a meeting by serving them with dirty water at Karera Market.

They bemoaned the poor treatment meted out to them by these politicians and accused them of abandoning them and nicely served them with dirty water in plastic bottles.

It was an earnest appeal to the leaders to address the water problem within the vicinity and provide them with clean drinking water.

Their message was perfectly on point as they made their request known.

They deliberately boiled dirty water and served it at the table.

Ironically, these politicians who knew better didn’t drink it.

This is the water the masses drink, so if the politicians reject it then it seems to suggest that it is not good for human consumption.

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