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Woman, assisted by her brother pushes daughter to death from 5th floor for refusing to wed a proposed suitor 

An Egyptian woman, assisted by her brother, allegedly killed her teenaged daughter and tossed her body from a fifth floor after the girl refused to wed a proposed suitor, local media reported.

The mother initially claimed that the 17-year-old daughter had committed suicide by throwing herself from their fifth-floor apartment in the Cairo area of Al Basateen due to psychological trouble.

However, police investigations revealed that the girl’s mother and uncle had beaten her to death after she had refused a marriage proposal from a mentally disabled man favoured by her mother for being rich.

The girl’s uncle, suspected of involvement, tried to get a burial permit without the usual medical examination conducted on the body, but a government health official suspected a criminal motive and notified local police.

Investigations also showed that the victim’s father was living in another place after his brother-in-law beat him for refusing to approve the marriage proposal.

Egyptian media has recently reported several grisly family crimes.

Late last month a woman, having an extramarital affair, allegedly poisoned her husband and their three children in south Egypt.

The three children, aged six to nine years, died after drinking poisoned juice while their 32-year-old father was taken to hospital in a bad condition in Egypt’s southern governorate of Qena.

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