Burst pipe leads to discovery of ring lost 25 years earlier


Sept. 3 (UPI) — A burst pipe in the mechanical room of an Alberta, Canada, couple’s home led to the discovery of a ring lost by a previous resident about 25 years earlier.

Rob and Shannon Pape, who moved into their home in the Southeast Hill neighborhood of Medicine Hat about a year ago, said they were giving a tour to visiting family members when they discovered the leaking pipe.

“We got down to the mechanical room, and everything was wet. I had no clue what was going on,” Rob Pape told the Medicine Hat News. “We quickly saw that the last piece of horizontal cast iron pipe in the house had split.”

Pape said he removed the pipe to check.

“I looked in, and I swore I could faintly see a ring. I grabbed my flathead screwdriver and scooped it out,” he said.

The ring was indeed a 10-carat gold peridot ring.

Rob Pape said Joel Chambers, the grandson of the couple who previously purchased their house 70 years earlier, now lives across the street from their home, so they contacted him.

“I sent Joel photos and he sent them to a family group chat,” he said. “They were able to describe the ring perfectly, without even seeing it clean.”

The ring is now safely back in the possession of its owner, a Chambers family member who did not want to be identified.

“Right from the start, we just wanted to get it back to the family,” Pape said. “This really just confirms to us that this is our house, where we’re supposed to be.”

A Kentucky woman recently discovered that her own long-lost ring was also hidden within the confines of her home.

Lisa Phelps, of Boyd County, said a crew remodeling her home found a ring wedged between the vanity and the wall. Phelps quickly realized it was the engagement ring she had lost 15 years earlier.


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