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Minor Girls Paraded Naked In India Please Rain Gods [Video]

Minor girls in the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh were allegedly made to walk naked in a village. The backward and problematic move was part of a ritual that intends to please rain gods. Reportedly, wooden shafts with frogs tied to them were put on the girls’ shoulders while they were being paraded naked.

Local women, who were participating in the ritual, told Mirror Now that their crops have dried up and they are desperately waiting for rainfall. In an attempt to tide over the rain deficit, the little girls in the village were made to walk around naked.

Women clapping, singing during ritual 

One of the women said that the ritual is an attempt to appease rain gods and ensure heavy showers in the area. In the video of the incident, the women could be seen standing behind the naked girls and singing songs. The women, who seem oblivious to the bizarre nature of the ritual, can be seen clapping and smiling.

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