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I Paid A Man To Make Me Pregnant, Tanzanian woman shares her story

Courage does not mean you are not afraid but it means you do not let fear stop you.

A Tanzanian woman goes by the name Jocelyn shares her sad story when she was 10 years of age, they were attacked by killers and her family were murdered right in front of her.

During the incident, she screamed because it was all she could do about. They killed both her parents. They cut her arms off, removed her right eye and also cut most parts of her body too. They thought she was dead and walked away.

She later woke up in the hospital and from then, her life became completely disaster and sometimes she always want to end it. With the way she looks, of course no one will want such a lady to marry as a wife.

She failed to find a man that will love her who she is, so she decided to pay one. She worked years after years to get money to pay a man to impregnate her.

After getting someone to impregnate her, she gave birth to a baby girl but her life is still miserable because she is trying to do everything on her own without arms.

She has to take care of her daughter and herself each and every day. Despite she is physically disabled, she does a lot of things like other people, she wash clothes, fetch water and a lot more. She have to be doing everything on her own because she has no one to help her at all.

They used to live a lot of joy until one day that everything suddenly changed. They were sleeping at night and some people broke into their house with their weapons and said they are going to kill them all without giving them any reason.

She watched them cutting her parents into pieces and this was painful but she couldn’t do anything rather than crying in her brother’s arms. The killers pulled her brother too and killed him. They also killed her siblings and her parents all.

After that, it was her time which they grabbed her and cut her arms off, removed her right eye and cut almost her entire body. They thought she was dead and they left them all there and went away.

She later woke up in the hospital and found that her two arms are not there and her right eye with her body covered with wounds. She was only 10 years old and according to her, this was the worst part of her life.

She spent quite time in the hospital but months later she was sent back home and honestly, she was now on her own. She do not have home any more because the house they used to live is already occupied.

Obvious there was no way that she could go to school because she do not have any money to pay for it. The only way she could afford at her age was to go to the street to beg for money.

Jocelyn said she wanted to take poison and just die but she couldn’t do it. She has hope that one day she will get someone to marry but it did not happen. But right now she is very happy for having a child to aslo call family again since she lost her family already in the past.

This is her daughter, she is called Dantieye. After she slept with the man who made her pregnant, the man walked away and never came back, she said they only met once.

The surprise thing is that, her daughter calls every man her father since she never knew who is her father. Jocelyn said, she did not know what she will tell her daughter when she grows. The only work this woman could do is to take care of other people domestic animals so that she could get food to feed her daughter and herself.


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