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Two female teachers fight over a male teacher during assembly

As we all know that teachers duty to is to teach children and motivate them for the future.

As for teachers in Kenya, a fight broke out on assembly whereby two female teachers who started an argument in the staffroom began chasing each other in front of pupils. Although the school was unidentified to protect it’s identity.

Madam Betty and Madam Jude who began having disagreement before lunch. Started to have a serious fight whereby one was taking down to the ground. Clapped in front of other teachers due to what is alleged to be a microwave issue that was also later got mixed up with love issues.

What started as a funny argument over whose gonna use the microwave first went far. Madam Betty chased the other teacher outside.

Little did she realize that Betty was in for a fight. The teachers were separated by school principal who immediately gave them a big resignation letter.

After realizing that the microwave matter was never the fact that lead to their fight instead they were fighting over a male teacher from the same school.


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