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Kenyan-based Singer Susan Namu Whose S3x Videos Leaked Online Painfully Narrates How Her Boyfriend Ruined Her Life (WATCH)

NAIROBI: Susan Namu’s world fell apart in November 2020 when her steamy s3x video leaked on social media earning her unwarranted attention.

Born, raised, and educated in an Akorino family in Embu county in Kenya, Susan faced criticism and ridicule the size of a nuclear explosion after her s3x video leaked.

Best know for the Akorino genre, Namu later claimed that her boyfriend whom she had never met leaked her n*des on the internet.

“I thought he was joking when he threatened to leak the videos. I was very shocked when I saw the videos sent to my WhatsApp by strangers,” she said.

Susan had dated the US-based Kenyan man for closed to four years without any physical meetup. Like any other long-distance relationship, the Akorino singer and her boyfriend engaged in sexual pleasures by exchanging n*des and video calls.

After a misunderstanding, Susan says her boyfriend threatened to post her nudes on social media, a threat that she shrugged off.

“We had a small issue that I did not imagine could lead to this. When he threatened he would leak my nudes, I angrily told him he could do it. I also had his nudes but I did not threaten to leak them,” said Susan.

Apparently, Susan’s n*des were sent to the Nairobi Youth Link Facebook group from where her pseudo accounts sprung up to monetize the videos selling the n*des at Ksh.200.

In the viral video, Susan is seen using massage oil as she erotically played with her pleasure berries at the behest of her boyfriend who was on the other end of the video call.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Wambui wa Mwangi, Susan said her life has not been easy since her videos were leaked online.

The Akorino singer noted that up to date she has not been able to walk freely without fear of someone recognizing and mocking her.

Susan further revealed that the church she was attending already disowned her and she had to look for another church although she is not always comfortable attending church service because many people keep on gazing at her.

The disgraced singer also disclosed that her ex-boyfriend reached out to her and apologized for leaking her n*de videos online. She however claimed that she is no longer interested in him because he destroyed her image.

Namu is still single and looking for a companion despite all the challenges she went through in the first relationship.

She has urged couples to always respect their privacy even when they have a misunderstanding instead of trying to destroy someone’s image.


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