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Guinean soldiers deployed to schools to teach after teachers abandoned pupils; soldier teachers

The problem most presidents forget is working to leave a legacy. Due to the fact that power corrupts, they become drunk and therefore serve their own interests not knowing that they replaced some people in those offices and they must leave them to others as well.

These African dictators who have overstayed are doing more harm than good, this is the best way of getting rid of them, what a great moment for the people of  Guinea!!

I so much love the resilience of the army and the leader of the coupe. You can not scrap laws only to fit your family and personal interest.

A very bold step and a good one without shedding blood but locking him up to suffer slowly and feel the pain.

The insatiable desire to cling on to power by desperate African presidents.

The wind of change is coming and blowing. Very soon some coconut will be cracked open in the dry season.

Its power that’s sweet, these old leaders some ways are exposing the younger Generation to evil deals. Let us watch and pray we want to see the United States of Africa.

Been in power makes you behaved foolishly and stupidly without thinking outside the box, this is exactly what happens, the outcome, the total profits, you pay for the consequence that’s exactly what the notorious old fools hungry for power are witnessing now and they deserved every beat of it to their fullest.

Following the Coup d’état in Guinea and the overthrow of president Alpha Conde, the country is progressing steadily under the leader.

The Coup d’état was effective in Guinea Conakry on Sunday, September 5, 2021. President Alpha Condé was arrested by the mutineers.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, a former legionary of the French army who was recalled to Guinea to head the GPS created in 2018 and his men carried the act.

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Coup leader has deployed military men and women into schools which have been abandoned by teachers to teach. This is an awesome and excellent way of ensuring things are done right.

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