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“F*ck Men” Nandi Mbatha Rants Over Mystery Man Who Worsened Her mental Health

“F*ck Men” Nandi Mbatha Rants Over Mystery Man Who Worsened Her mental Health. Isithembiso actress Nandi Mbatha is not having the best day after she was wronged by a person who seems quite close to her. Social media users have been witnessing the relationships of many celebs being tried and tested such as Khanyi Mbau who had her own drama with boyfrind Kudzai mushonga in Dubai.

the actress has learned that mjolo is definitely for the brave after taking to her social media to rant over her sour relationship with her mystery significant other. Taking to her IG story, Mbatha shared how livid she is about her partner who pretended to be a good guy but turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The actress opened the video claiming that she is the one being made out to be the bad guy whereas the mystery person stole and crashed her car on multiple occasions. Nandi added that she had to pay R9000 to get damages on her car fixed. The actress expressed how her frustration doesn’t lie with her car being ruined but is rather livid by her being a ride or die person but not getting the same treatment in return.

According to the actress she was made to do something that she didn’t want to do but was still labeled as the bad guy, which she thinks is total B.S. An emotional Nandi expressed how twisted the situation is of driving someone of the rails and worsening their mental health, yet she is labelled as the villain.

The actress has thrown up the middle finger to all the men out there highlighting how pretentious they can be with claims of being a good guy when they are in actual fact not good people at all. The actress didn’t disclose who she is speaking about but we can confirm that she is beyond pissed about the situation.

“F*ck men, actually f*ck all of you” she said.

The last time the actress was rumoured to be dating, the media claimed that she and Naakmusiq were seeing one another. Nandi was then linked to DJ Tira’s son Tank the rockstar but that was never confirmed either.

Hectic…watch the clips below.

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