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Here Is How Much Pearl Modiadie Is Suing Metro FM For Sexual Assault

Here Is How Much Pearl Modiadie Is Suing Metro FM For Sexual Assault. Following her departure from Metro FM, Pearl Modiadie revealed the numerous times she has been sexually assaulted and treated like a sex object by her manager at Metro FM. A few months ago reports confirmed that Modiadie was taking legal action against the SABC radio station for failing to act on sexual harassment complaints that she lodged against her superior.

Things are now moving along as the City Press publication has confirmed that former Metro FM host Pearl, who was employed at the station for five years as co-host of Lunch with Thomas and Pearl is now demanding R3.5 million from the SABC and Metro FM programme manager Anthony Soglo for sexual harassment. In the court papers seen by the publication, Modiadie alleged that the SABC failed to act against Soglo’s sexually aggressive behaviour towards her.

SABC group executive for corporate affairs and marketing Gugu Ntuli confirmed that the station was indeed served by the court but was not at liberty of speaking about the matter on a public platform.

“The SABC can confirm that the corporation was served with summons and intends to defend the action instituted. Our case will be pleaded in our court papers. We do not litigate through the media,” she said.

According to Modiadie’s court papers, Soglo’s inappropriate email concerning Pearl had not been treated with any seriousness, despite a letter of demand sent to the SABC in June. She added that the SABC’s negligence was a breach of the memorandum of agreement for her employment with the public broadcaster.

Soglo has alleged that he is the victim in the situation as Pearl improperly publicized the allegations and maliciously campaigned the scandal to ruin his reputation.

Modiadie has shared her knowledge of the defence attorney hired by the station to go against her notion, claiming that it is sad that ’s as big as the SABC are not taking a stand against the mistreatment of women in the work place.

So many of these cases are largely swept under the carpet and I’m incredibly disappointed that it seems to have become the norm, hence my decision to take the action that I took” she said.

Sunday World has previously reported that the mother of one had been facing sexual harassment at the hands of her manager over a number of occasions. Modiadie detailed to the publication the inappropriate remarks that her superior would make about her body in front of her now former colleagues and guests on the show.

“The last sexual remark he made was in an e-mail that other staff members were copied on. I responded that it made me feel uncomfortable and that I was tired of the sexual harassment I was subjected to. This e-mail was sent during my radio show and only one of the guys copied stood up for me.

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