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Watch! Simphiwe Ngema Reacts To Men Sliding In Her DM’s Immediately Following Her Split With Tino Chinyani

Watch! Simphiwe Ngema Reacts To Men Sliding In Her DM’s Immediately Following Her Split With Tino Chinyani. Social media users were heartbroken over the weekend following the breakup of one of Mzansi’s favourite celeb couples. Former Muvhango actress Simphiwe Ngema took to social media yesterday to announce that she and her baby daddy Tino Chinyani are calling their relationship quits, and nobody saw it coming.

Taking to Instagram with a heartfelt message, Ngema shared how a beautiful love story has come to an end however, they are going their separate ways as better people. The actress didn’t get into the dynamic of why they are breaking up but did share the important lessons learned from this relationship. The actress continued to share that she will always be there for him and they will do a great job at raising their son Tiyani.

Ngema shared that there is no bad blood following the split but rather just life lessons learned and beautiful memories made. Ngema thanked Tino for the aweson getawy trip and toasted to the start of an awesome friendship and even better co-parenting relationship.

An end to a beautiful love story. This has been one of my greatest experiences, a beautiful love story of two people fighting all the odds to be together. I have learnt to love again, to feel again, to live again and to smile again. I will forever be grateful for Everything you have taught me. I pray that God gives us the strength and wisdom to raise our beautiful son. @tiyani_chinyani we will always be great parents to you and we will always be there for you . No tears here, just lessons learnt and beautiful memories. I really had a beautiful fun weekend. Here’s to friendship and dope ass co-parenting. @Tino_chinyani Take care of yourself. Love you forever & always” she wrote.

Social media users were shook at the revelation, especially her celebrity friends who praised her for being in good spirits about the situation, even though it’s kind of sad. Ngema’s followers commented on how proud they are that Simphiwe is not being bitter about the developments but has found peace in knowing that she has gained a life long friend in Tino.

Taking to her Insta story within minutes of making the announcement, Ngema revealed that her DM’s are already blowing up and it hasn’t even been a full day that she is single. The mother of one assured all the men looking to shoot their shot that she is not looking to jump into another relationship but she will let her suiters know once she is ready to get back in the game.

Ngema also shared on her Instagram story that she deals with things in private first, then reveals the news to the public. By the time that the public finds out, she has already dealt with the emotions and she is herself again. We can only assume that this was the situation with her breakup with Tino but, we won’t lie and say we are not hurt by this. Chinyani has yet to comment on the situation however, he has been reposting all of Ngema’s posts so we guess this means it’s really over.

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