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Enhle Mbali Speaks On Why She Wants Her Children’s Father In Their Lives

Enhle Mbali Speaks On Why She Wants Her Children’s Father In Their Lives. Actress and businesswoman Enhle Mbali had an ugly divorce with husband Nkosinathi “Black Coffee” Maphumulo in front of the media but it looks like she is now on a path of healing. The mother of two recently worked on her latest project titled Voice, which sees the actress share more about her life and career journey.

The actress has been teasing the much anticipated project on her Instagram where she has documented her journey to empowerment as a single mother and is now ready to tell her truth.

The actress first opens up about the first time that she fell in love with acting which was at the age of 5 when she watched Mbongeni Ngema’s Sarafina. She then goes on to speak about her two son, and the kind of upbringing she wants for them. Enhle and Black Coffee share two sons Anesu (10) and Asante (6). Enhle shared that she was raised by beautiful and powerful women and wants the same for her son’s, but boys need to be surrounded by men to teach them things that women can’t.

“I was raised by beautiful, powerful women and these boys have to be raised by beautiful powerful pride of women as well but they’re also boys and need men to be a part of their lives. That being their father, I think it’s important for me to allow the boys to have male role models and as women I think we fight certain situations but I think its highly imperative that boy children have boy examples” she said.

The actress spoke on the aunties and uncles that were present in her life and how she wants her children to have the same but also to be surrounded by a pride of men. Enhle highlighted how her realizing this factor shows that she is a strong and mature woman. The actress shares that she owes this positive mentality to the women that raised her and she will forever be grateful. The project also includes footage of Black Coffee spending time with his father where they play a game of hide and seek.

The actress has previously shared that this project is about her personal healing journey after allegedly being mistreated for years during her marriage. The purpose of the project is to empower other women who have experienced similar journeys to not be afraid to start their lives over.

“To us, gentle flowers, soft clouds know that new beginnings come with a peaceful mindset and a vigorous fighting spirt… Most importantly a renewed spirit to start afresh and leave your past where it rightfully belongs, in the past! As you walk to your next, make sure your posture is in good standing to carry you, as the past will find a way to be the stormy seasons of the new. Embody courage as you walk through” she wrote.

This follows her last video posted on the platform where she was in tears as her restraining order against her estranged husband was denied by the court.

Use the link below to watch the full video

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