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Kenyan police officer cries foul after being dumped by lady he sponsored college fees

A Kenyan police officer has opened up on how he schooled a lady he was in love with, only for her to dump him.

In an interview with TV 47, Sergeant Moses Kimenchu, popularly known as Sergeant Saviour, said the incident happened after he got a pay rise during the former President Mwai Kibaki’s term.

Recounting the incident, Kimenchu said that he had money to spare and chose to pay college fees for a lady who had won his heart.

He was so serious about their relationship, he planned on making it official.

“I was very serious about her. I even planned to marry her. So I would often go to their home,” he said.

Kimenchu divulged that he parted ways with K470,000 to enable her to pursue a teaching course. On top of that, he bought her a bicycle to make her journey to school smoother. Kimenchu said that on January 2, 2008, he had planned to take her to meet his family.

However, after the Christmas period, she ghosted him. “Alikuwa mteja (she was unreachable) from December 30. On the day she was to meet my family, I went to her home but no one knew her whereabouts. So I had to surrender,” Kimenchu said.

The dejected cop took the bicycle he had bought her and dumped it in a nearby river. He swore never to date again.

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