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Man Caught On Camera “Grinding” A Lady’s Backside At A Wedding (Pictures)

One can attest to the fact that the world is gradually changing because things hardly seen in public is now seen almost everywhere. Now the youth are learning things that they see on social media and some even try to practice it.

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes.

Normally it happens after the traditional marriage is done, but it not compulsory to have a wedding after the traditional married. It depends on the marriage couple to decide what to do after the traditional marriage.

During wedding, you could see it all about having fun and entertaining the guest which makes the program very entertaining.

According to some pictures trending on social media a gentleman was spotted at the back of a lady grinding her through her back in the name of entertaining the guess. Most at time you could see video on social media where male and female dance and hold each other in Way which is not advisable in public.

According to the pictures you could see how serious the man was after caught on camera touching the ladies buttocks and watching his body closed to the ladies backside in public.

This are some of the things the youth of today sometime try to practice in public since people see it as normal. We all know that weddings are not for only adults but youth and children are sometimes present since most parent can’t leave their children at home.

So things like this must be well structured before the program starts in order for the young ones not to see it as normal and wish to practice it one day.

Check out the photos of a man grinding a ladies backside that is causing massive stir online.

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