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Zambian Woman Drags Polygamous Hubby To Court Demanding Fair ‘Timetable’

A Zambian woman known identified as Beatrice Chishala has dragged her polygamous husband to court demanding fair timetable.

The lady who is also know as Mai Guru complained to court that her husband who has two wives with her as the senior is failing to come up with a fair matrimonial ‘rota’ between her and the junior wife.

According to Chishala, her husband spends a lot of time with the young wife whom she said he does not have children with adding that he has stopped providing the necessities to her and their children.

“Your honour, my husband prefers staying with my fellow wife who he doesn’t have any children with and has neglected me and the children. For him to buy food at home, I have to follow him at work when he gets paid.

“So I brought him to court because I also want him to be spending time at my house, too,” she said.

The court is yet to give verdict on the matter.

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