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Lamiez Holworthy Throws Shade At “Influencer” For Catching Smoke On Twitter Following A Rude Encounter

Lamiez Holworthy Throws Shade At “Influencer” For catching Smoke On Twitter Following A Rude Encounter. We all are very familiar with saying what goes around comes back around and it seems like Lamiez Holworthy is quite pleased with how things have turned out for her and a certain someone. When Lamiez was still coming up in the industry, she remembers being looked down at by someone who is considered to be an influencer.

Lamiez did not get too much in to it but she did share a tweet that has now been deleted about two “influencers” discredited her to a brand manger on her first big campaign. These nameless influencers not only asked the manager who Lamiez was but also had the audacity to makes a snarky comment about hiring nobody’s.

“Y’all will just book anyone” the influencers said.

The DJ is now witnessing karma do what she does best which is biting back even harder. The Live Amp host added on her tweet that years later , one of the two “influencers” is catching smoke on social media for “talking rubbish” whilst the other one remains a nobody.

It seems like we are not the only ones who suspect that she is talking about Tshepi Vundla following the smoke that she has been catching on twitter over a comment made on a clip that has now gone viral.

The viral clip from the On The Table podcast saw Tshepi and three other ladies on the panel indulge in a conversation about dating. Everything was going well until they critisized women who are broke in relationships but SBWL things that they can’t afford. Vundla posed a question of why these women don’t buy these things themselves or ask their parents.

Twitter investigators also dug up some old dirt on Tshepi where she not only fat shamed plus sized people but also expressed her disdain for them. The mother of one has now issued a lengthy apology statement to her followers about her old tweets and offensive statement claiming that she has since grown as a woman and a mother.

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