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South African police officer fired for impregnating inmate after condom burst

A South African police officer has been fired following a sexual encounter with a female inmate during which a condom allegedly burst, DailySun reports.

The Stilfontein police officer in North West has been dismissed for impregnating the inmate in mention.

According to reports, the incident happened last October when the cop went to a female holding cell. It is alleged he took an inmate to another room with a wooden bench and table to talk about murder case.

“When they arrived, he asked for sex. The victim at first denied, but later agreed because he had promised her some toiletries. Afterwards, she realized that the condom was broken.

“They then met the following day, where the cop brought five packets of Disprin, Coke, Chips, Chewing Gum, Sweets and also lent the victim his cellphone,” the source said.

The woman had been brought to the calls last September after she was arrested in 2017 for two murders and a robbery.

The police said the inmate was arrested after the death of an old couple, who were also business people in Alabama, near Klerksdrop, where she was working as a domestic worker.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Adele Myburgh confirmed that a police officer was on Tuesday, 31 August dismissed during a Department Trial I terms of the 2016 SAPS Discipline Regulations.

The woman is serving 30 years imprisonment.

Police said the woman discovered in March that she was pregnant when she went back to the Department of Correctional Services. The matter was then reported to the police.

Myburgh said no criminal case had been lodged against the officer.

Sexual scandals have recently become rampant in South African prisons.

A video with flustering scenes of alleged sexual activity between an official and an inmate at the Ncome Correctional Centre, KZN, left the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) appalled, embarrassed, and gutted…”

In March, a female correctional officer was busted having sex with a male inmate on camera in Kwazulu-Natal.

Meanwhile, Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Sello Kwema has said unethical behavior, leading to the disrepute of the police would not be tolerated.

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