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Bonnie Mbuli Opens Up About Her Experience With Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine

Bonnie Mbuli Opens Up About Her Experience With Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine. We have lost many well known talented entertainers in the industry since the pandemic began and thankfully the vaccine roll out is currently underway. Many celebs have been advocating on social media for the public to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones from virus.

We have been watching celebs such as Terry Pheto, Rami Chuene and more receive the vaccine however, they yet to share their experiences with the vaccine. Actress and author Bonnie Mbuli recently took to her twitter account to share the side effects that she has been experiencing since receiving her jab and it sounds pretty hectic.

According to Mbuli, her side effects feel a little mote hectic compared to others. One pf the known side effects of the vaccine is fatigue and Bonnie is having trouble even attempting to get out of bed. As a survivor of COVID-19, Mbuli claims that having the virus didn’t feel as horrible as the vaccine. The actress shared her experience with her followers hoping that they can exchange notes on how the vaccine has been treating them.

“Shuuu! My vaccine side effects seem heavier than most describe, can’t even get out of bed, didn’t even feel this bad when i had Covid .Did anyone else have hectic side effects?” she wrote.

Another celeb who previously opened up about her bad experience with the vaccine after receiving her first jab is actress Rami Chuene. The actress previously opened up to her followers about how she struggled since getting the jab. Chuene shared that she almost died after taking the first dose as she experienced all the common COVID symptoms and was very on edge.

“First 4-5 days were hell. Then it got better. 26 days later I still have some symptoms, numbness in my arm, fatigue, headache, etc. PLEASE I’m not discouraging anyone to vaccinate. I know that had I gotten Covid, I wouldn’t have survived. No ways” she wrote.

The actress made it abundantly clear that she was in no way discouraging people out of taking the vaccine but she was simply sharing her experience.

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