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Nollywood Actor Mr. Ibu Opens Up On Failed Marriage

Popular Nigerian comic actor, John Okafor better known as Mr Ibu has narrated how and why his previous marriages failed.

Mr Ibu said that his ex-wife walked out of their marriage because he was struggling in life and could not cater and provide for his family as he has no money.

According to the hilarious screen-actor, it was after his ex-wife left him that made him come to the realization that he has to work harder.

“My first and second marriages failed; they (my wives) left me after having a child each for me. I wondered what made them make such decisions, and they made me know that it was because I didn’t have money,” he said.

He then added, “This made me know that I have to be able to keep my family and provide for them and make sure that they are satisfied and do not have any reason to look down on me.

Mr Ibu also outlined some elements needed to be a good father as confidence and the ability to learn every day. He furthered that he coaches people on how to build a home despite his failures in the past.

“First of all, you have to build confidence in yourself. You learn every day as a father, and I never miss any opportunity to learn every day and this makes me a better parent. I have people who learn from me and I teach them how to build a home even though I had some ups and downs in the course of trying to build a home,” he said.

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