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Watch! Melanie Bala Gushes Over Her Daughter’s International Gig On Disney Channel

Watch! Melanie Bala Gushes Over Her Daughter’s International Gig On Disney Channel. Tv personality Melanie Bala is a proud mo following her daughter’s recent work on a major project. Bala took to Instagram to gush over her daughter whom she affectionately refers to as Miss p after bagging a major working gig for an upcoming Children show on Disney Channel.

Melanie took to Instagram to share a video of Miss P who bagged a gig singing for an upcoming baking show called Magic Bake Off on the DSTV channel. Bala shared that she received a call about a week ago from a production that was looking for young talent to sing the opening jingle for a TV show. After learning that Miss P is a great singer, they wanted the 10 year old to come to their studio and record.

Although Miss P was very nervous, she channeled her inner Beyonce with the guidance of her father Zwai Bala, and knocked her performance out of the park. Clearly singing is in the blood for the Bala family however, Melanie and Zwai are not about pressuring their daughter to pursue singing but to rather do what makes her happy. Melz knows that her side of the family are not the best singers but she definitely knows where Miss P got her amazing pipes from.

Proud Mommy Moment Alert!! ?A couple of weeks ago, a production reached out to me because they were looking for a young, female voice for a new TV show jingle and they heard Miss P could sing, so wanted her to come through and record.She was a little nervous at first but like we always say: WWBD? (What would Beyoncé do? ?) With encouragement and guidance from dad @zeebala, she nailed it!!!! ➡️ SWIPE to see the Final Theme Song. It’s HER voice that is now on Disney’s #MagicBakeOff that airs in the US (only) !!!! ??We’ve always said there’s no pressure on her to sing – she’ll only do what she wants to. The Bala Family singing gene is STRONG ya heard? ? (Lord knows my people can’t sing for shit ?)Super proud of Miss P for giving this her all. To the stars and beyond baby” she wrote.

A few months ago Melanie took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter finally joining the land of the double digits as she recently turned ten years old. In her post, Bala spoke of how her daughter is basically her mini me as they share the same qualities and personality, adding that her daughter has given her purpose and is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Watch the video of Miss P singing below

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