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Senior church priest requests sex in exchange of employment from student

A man identified as Reverend Edmond Zambe from Samutereko of Anglican Church Diocese of Manicaland is being accused of sleeping with a student on attachment.

The boyfriend of the female sleeping with the man of God leaked WhatsApp chats between his partner and Rev Zambe. The chats are proof enough that the two were getting freaky.

In denial the boyfriend opens a case against the Reverend after his girlfriend told him her side of the story. According to the girlfriend the Reverend forced her into sleeping with him so that she could be offered full time employment after she graduated.

This is not what is in the chats between the two.

The conversations show the girl thanking the Reverend for his great work earlier when they were together. How it moves from this to where she was forced is not in the chats.

It is sad how men in power use this to their advantage to get what they want from women.

On the other hand people argue that a woman who knows her place will refuse and respect her affair or her husband. In this case the man is trying to make this a case of rape so that he can marry his woman but the chats show otherwise when the woman insists that she will miss the Reverend.

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