Here’s how to make viral Dalgona candy from Netflix’s ’Squid Game’


The South Korean drama thriller entitled “Squid Game” has been the talk of the town globally as the show remained at the top 10 charts of the video streaming platform, Netflix.

Since its debut on September 17, the series has left people obsessing over a candy that was shown in one of the episodes.

Contestants on the show were seen shaping out a symbol on a sugar candy called Dalgona without cracking the piece, and now one TikTok user who goes by the name @audreysaurus has shared the real life recipe of the Dalgona candy, and the video has gone viral, with almost everyone trying it.

The video has already garnered over nine million views on TikTok, along with more than 10 000 shares.

What is Dalgona candy?

Dalgona candy is made by melting sugar and adding some baking soda. It is a popular toffee or caramel kind of candy that is sold by street vendors in South Korea. It is very popular among children who can eat the candy as is or try to break it into shapes.

@audreysaurus shared that the popular street food in South Korea is relatively cheap to create. Not to mention that it only consists of two ingredients, which should be available in your kitchen – sugar and baking soda. The Dalgona candy is stamped with a cookie cutter, similar to what the Netflix drama showed. However, in real life, people do not win millions of dollars after carving shapes on popular Korean street food. Instead, the street vendor would be generous enough to give a free candy as a prize.

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To create your own version of the Dalgona candy, follow these steps.


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