Brunette Hair Colours: Dark Brown, Ash Brown, Chocolate And Espresso Inspo


Going darker brunette for winter may not be groundbreaking, but it can be pretty darn delicious. It sets the mood for the next season, like trading in your sandals for a pair of chunky ankle boots. Light, balayaged beach-girl vibes just doesn’t have the same ring when you’re getting rained on at the bus stop. But rich, glossy mocha strands wrapped with a cosy knit scarf? Gimme. 

Already, we’ve seen some of of our fave celebs head to the dark side, the latest being Hailey Bieber who switched her caramel out for a more autumnal cedar brown.

And, if you’re not fully ready to commit, the model accented the deeper colour with a subtle shot of gold just through the front face-framing sections to add a little brightening action to her complexion.

That said, there’s endless shades of brunette and even more ways to incorporate it into your hairstyle. Whether you’re after a dramatic dark chocolate hairstyle, a rebel ‘dirty brunette’ look, a cosy honey shade to warm up your blonde, a hybrid ‘bronde’, or darker details like dip-dye, ombre or moneypiece, we’ve picked out the best brown hair colours to inspire your next dye job, no matter if you’re bringing things in-house with an at-home hair dye, or taking yourself to the salon for a professional job. We’ve tapped up Josh Wood, expert colourist and founder of Josh Wood Colour to share his tips on how to pick the right shade as well as the best ways to care for your coloured hair in your every day beauty regime.

Which shade of brown will suit me?

According to Josh, the answer to this question is all about your eyes. “You always have to consider your eye colour and skin tone to find the shade that’s best tailored for you,” he says. “There are so many different levels of brown I think people forget that are as many shades of brown as they are blonde. How you can really play with brown is by changing the tone, looking at cool and warm tones that best compliment your skin and eye colour.”

Josh adds that cool and ashy tones look great on those with blue eyes and fair skin that contains some red undertone. “The ash in the hair will neutralise contrasting tones in the skin,” he says. Additionally, the same rules goes for darker skin tones. “Choose the tone you want to emphasise or neutralise,” he says. “For example a rich mocha would look great on someone with a darker skin tone as it complements the natural warmth within the skin.”

How do I maintain my colour at home?

There are three main ways to help your colour look glossy and healthy, as well as helping it to last longer:

  1. Use a sulphate-free shampoo to reduce colour fade and retain vibrancy after your appointment.
  2. Rinse with cold water. Turn the taps as far as you can bear to seal the hair cuticle after washing and lock in that colour and shine.
  3. Use heat protectant. Important for all hair colours, but particularly for brunettes who are hiding years worth of bleach underneath. Too much heat will cause faster fading.

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