15 Best Hot Air Brushes 2021: Hair Dryer Brushes for Every Hair Type


Hot air brushes are a must-have hair tool for anyone who wants to achieve a bouncy blow-dry from home. Nothing beats that feeling you get when you step out of the hairdresser’s chair, after all. But equally, nothing quite beats the feeling of sheer frustration when you just can’t achieve the same look in front of your bedroom mirror. For one, mastering that twirly-wrist movement your stylist has nailed seems practically impossible, and somehow, we always find frizzy sections around the back. Luckily, hot air brushes will do the whole thing for you, without the need for a million hands and serious skill.

The best hot air brushes are a hybrid between a hair dryer and your hair straighteners, offering a smooth, blowout finish in one fell swoop. The heat emitted from a hot air brush dries your locks as you go, and the integrated bristles grasp onto your hair to reduce frizz and style it. A straightening brush, if you will. Even better, serious strides have been made to incorporate new technologies into the latest hot air brush releases on the block, making them nearly as high-tech as the other hot tools in your collection. 

Need proof? Many of today’s hot air brushes boast detangling nylon bristles to speed up the hair-drying process (ideal for those with curly hair), while others boast heat-activated silicone bristles to add shine to your locks. Elsewhere, some hot air brushes boast ionic technology to banish any sign of frizz, and you can even purchase rotating hot air brushes which swiftly add volume and bounce. Here’s everything you need to know.

Are hot air brushes bad for your hair?

Using an excessive amount of heat on your hair is never going to do it any good, but hot air brushes are widely considered to be better for your hair than hair straighteners. Why? The ceramic plates on hair straighteners reach extremely high temperatures which can dry out your hair pretty sharpish. Hot air brushes don’t tend to reach temperatures quite so high, which results in less damage. Either way, you’ll want to be using a heat protection spray on your hair to keep it in good condition.

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Is a hot air brush better than straighteners?

There are a few benefits to hot air brushes over hair straighteners: the lower temperatures result in less chance of hair damage, they make it easier to build volume and they add shine as they go. They also dry your hair at the same time as styling it, which makes up for the fact that they’re not quite as speedy in the styling games.

Where to buy a hair dryer brush

In true Amazon fashion, you can find all of the best hot air brushes right there on-site. Many of them are discounted right now as part of Amazon’s Black Friday beauty deals event, and you can get them on next day delivery with an Amazon Prime membership – just in time for your next hair wash day. So why not add one to your basket alongside the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, L’Oréal Paris’ TikTok-famed Paradise mascara and a set of signature Le Creuset mugs? You can also snap up some of the best hot air brushes at the likes of LookFantastic, Boots, ASOS and Cult Beauty. Keep scrolling for the full lowdown.

What is the best hot air brush UK?

The BaByliss Hydro Fusion Air Styler is the best hot air brush on the market right now. Not only does it ooze shelfie appeal with thanks to that pretty powder blue hue, but it uses a moisture balancing dual ionic system which combines both positive and negative ions, that work together to hydrate the hair and to eliminate frizz as you dry and style. Forget hair being left damaged after using this blow dryer brush – instead, it’s left silky, soft, shiny and conditioned. It’s suitable for long hair, short hair, thick hair and thin hair, has varying heat settings/temperature settings. Consider your hot tools collection elevated. 

There’s also ghd’s Glide Hot Brush – the professional hot hair brush from ghd which can be used to tame and smooth dry hair. It’s the best hot air brush for reducing frizz. The combination of high density short bristles and long bristles leaves your hair feeling super soft, while the ceramic and ionic technology banishes any sign of frizz. If that wasn’t enough, the 185ºC optimal styling temperature minimises hair damage and hair breakage. It’s on sale right now.

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Here’s our full pick of the best hot air brushes for every budget and hair type.



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