Best Luxury Candles 2021: For Christmas, Autumn and Winter


Whether you’re planning an cosy soirée on your own or an intimate dinner-à-deux, setting the mood is crucial – and nothing says warm and inviting quite like a luxury candle.

From Jo Malone’s elegantly scented candles  to premium Neom candle gift sets, infusing a room with luxury scents is a sure-fire way to help you unwind, triggering the release of feel-good hormones in the brain – no matter what time of year.

Discover our top picks of the best luxury scented candles – perfect for placing in your bathroom for a holistic, spa-like effect or perking up your hearth – plus, tips on how to make them last.

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What makes luxury candles so expensive?

We know what you’re thinking: £40 plus on a candle? Outrageous! We thought the exact same thing. But these luxury candles aren’t mass-market creations you can buy anywhere – they’re essentially works of art, where a precise formula of essential oils, wick size and wax have been blended together to disperse smell subtly throughout a home. 

Luxury candles tend to come in beautiful containers, and the scent is never overpowering. Not like a cheap candle with a strong strawberry or apple smell, for example, that resembles something of an airport bathroom. 

How can you make luxury candles last a little longer?

When you’ve just bought or been gifted a brand new luxury scented candle and start to see it tunnel through the middle or producing black smoke, it’s likely you’re burning your candle the wrong way. Who knew? In order to make your candles last a little longer (and give you hours’ more enjoyment) there are a few tricks to stick to…

Burn it evenly

The first time you light your candle, you should let it burn for two to three hours so the whole of the top is liquid wax. This will help your candle burn more evenly. Otherwise, the next time you light it, they’ll be hardened wax left around the sides, so the candle may start to tunnel. And no one wants that.

Trim the wick

If the wick starts to produce smoke, it’s usually because the wick has become too long. Trim the wick while it is cold, before lighting it, to help your candle burn for longer. Simple but effective. 

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What are the best luxury candles?

With so many options to choose from: Anna + Nina, Bella Freud, Diptyque, Cire Trudon, Fornasetti, Jo Malone, Le Labo and on through the alphabet all the way to The White Company and Sabada Ldn, the best luxury candles are the ones that not only look eye-catching but also enhance, transport and elevate your home to make it feel luxurious (even if it’s not).

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